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Leveraging Independence For Failed Prophecy

John Collins9/23/2013 9:02:12 PM

Looking for failed prophecies? Just search William Branham's message! Some of you old-timers may remember this preached from behind pulpits until that dreadful January 1, 1978

Yesterday, fourth of July. Thomas Jefferson had signed the Declaration of Independence, him and the other board that was with him, and the Liberty Bell rang, and we was declared an independence, as a nation. According to history, there has never been a democracy at any time last over two hundred years. And that was 1776, July the fourth. And we're just eleven years left. Will it make it? No, can't, see. Eleven years. And, if it does, it'll break all history.
64-0705 - "The Masterpiece"

It wasn't true, by the way.

* Iceland since 930 has the oldest democratic assembly dissolved in 1430 so 500 years of continuous democracy.
* The Iriquois Nation claims 800 years as the oldest participatory democracy.
* England has had a parliament since 1265 though the monarch (unelected) has the right to block laws.
* Switzerland at the town level since 13th Century but as a nation since 1648.