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Egyptian Nights

John Collins08/30/2013

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Starting in the very first sermon in his ministry, and continuing all throughout his ministry until just thirty days prior to his death, William Branham used an insulting phrase that many in the cult will remember.  When throwing insults at those who did not believe in the same way he did, Branham would say that they “know no more about it than a Hottentot knows about an Egyptian night.”

Very few have stopped to think about this phrase and its meaning.  Some cult followers will use this as they insult other people, but have no idea where it came from.  Others listen to the sermons hearing this phrase, and associate it with the violent temper tantrums Branham threw in the elevated state of his Charismatic-style screaming.

While Branham claimed to have been “commissioned by an angel” in 1947, what he claims is the “very day that Israel became a nation,” his ministry was in full swing long before that.  Many have noticed the comments that he made in his sermons, pointing out that he had quite a bit of cultural knowledge of far off countries long before his cult following noticed him start his expensive hunting trips.

When you combine the fact that his 1945 pamphlet, “I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision,” describes a “healing ministry” that was in full swing, with this phrase about “Hottentots,” we have a mounting stack of evidence in favor of the idea that William Branham was well travelled during the time he claimed to be poor and almost destitute.

Almost none of the people in America today knows what a “Hottentot” is.  But localize that thought to the hills of Kentucky and the small town in Southern Indiana, and we have a 0% ratio of people who know the phrase versus people who do not.  This is not a common word in the English language, and is nonexistent in Kentucky-ese.

When European immigrants started to enter South Africa, a tribe called the Khoikhoi was found tending large herds of cattle on the Southwestern Cape.  They were a nomadic people, entering South Africa from Botswana and slowly migrating south until they became extinct at the early turn of the century.

This tribe of people were despised by the more advanced nations that entered South Africa, and in derogatory and a racially insulting manner, the Europeans started to make fun of their strange sounding language.  Over time, this tribe of nomads that had settled in South Africa were called “Hottentots,” insulting them regarding the most common three words of their language:  “hot,” “en,” “tot.”

Much like the American Indian, this primitive tribe of people was being forced off of their land.  Land disputes led to wars, and wars  led to hatred and fear of this people.  In the mid 1800s, harsh laws were created that were intended to force the Khoikhoi from their lands in the Kat River to works as laborers on white farms.

But from 1904 to 1907, most of the tribe was massacred by the German settlers.  During this time, the Germans rose against the Khokhoi nation that was found living in what was then German South Africa, and killed over 10,000 tribesmen.  This was over half of the population of the tribe.  From there, the remaining few began to integrate themselves with the South African population, and the tribe itself is all but extinct.

This war with the Germans was before William Branham was born.

While this phrase, “No more than a Hottentot knows about an Egyptian night,” is an outright insult to an entire ethnic group of people, it had little meaning to the people Branham used this insult on in his 1947 sermon.  They had no idea this was a racial slur.

But the impact of the insult was the same.  While insulting an entire race of people, Branham used the phrase to insult another person who might otherwise have been a potential convert to Christ.  Because the targets of this insult did not see eye-to-eye with Branham’s agenda, Branham used unfamiliar words to call them “stupid.”

In these rants and raves by the cult leader, and after being deprogrammed, it actually is quite comical.  There is a stage during deprogramming when this screaming sounds like Hitler in Nazi Germany, but after you are fully free from the cult, it sounds strangely like Yosemite Sam on the Looney Tunes cartoon.  If you take these portions of the sermons – especially the ones from 1965 – and change a few words out with the cartoon’s “Rackin” and “Frackin”, you end up with a very comical man ranting and raving like a school child.

But while it’s funny to us on the outside, it is very damaging to those on the inside.

Cult followers are programmatically trained to insult those who do not ascribe to their belief system.  The number of grade-school-style insults thrown by William Branham in these sermons is staggering – and behind most of them is some guy in the background saying, “Praise the Lord, brother!”

If they only understood what these insults mean, they’d instead get up, walk out, and leave!  Each insult Branham threw can be categorized into two grade-school insults:  “You’re stupid,” and “You’re scum.”

Some have associated William Branham’s ministry with that of the Christ – mostly because Branham claimed to be specific verses in scripture that pointed to Christ.  But imagine if Jesus Christ came to earth telling the broken hearted “You’re Stupid!”  “You’re scum!”

What if Jesus Christ had told the woman at the well, “You’ve taken the Mark of the Beast, Dogmeat!”

Yet these cult followers, trained by this cult leader, will gladly insult others – potential converts to Christ – by calling them Dogmeat!  Pastors will shout it out from behind their pulpits, causing any woman who curiously visits to leave and never return!  They are turned away from heaven’s door simply by an insult that would otherwise have flown from the mouth of a child that needs parental correction!

Here are some examples.  Picture your child in each one of these, replacing the phrase with “you are stupid,” and “you are scum.”  Imagine yourself as a parent, and imagine what you would do with your child for correction.

“You little hook-nosed Jew”

Branham, 53-0326

“See, you're trying to put peacock feathers in your buzzard carcass!”

Branham, 62-111E

She is a hog, that's all.

Branham, 64-0320

“Where, they know no more about It than a rabbit would know about snowshoes!”

Branham, 64-0418B

“You big sissy!”

Branam 65-0829


“You bunch of Lutheran buzzards!”

Branham, 65-0725M

The list could go on and on, some more comical than others, but you get the point.  This is what we are teaching our children!  To become insulting to others!

Why not show them the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Why not show them that God loves the Jew, no matter WHAT Branham thinks about their noses?  Why not show them how God can take even a buzzard, clean him up, and make him a new creature!  Not condemn them to hell!

Branham taught a poorly-mixed “potion” of Law and Grace.  I say poorly, because many of Branham’s “Laws” are not found in scripture – let alone in the Mosaic Law.  But we are not living under the Law, Christ came to fulfill that Law and establish a New Covenant.  We are to proclaim the New Covenant to others, lifting them from their bondage and suffering!  We are to tell others that Christ came to save them, too!  All they need do is accept Him!

If they are dirty, Christ will clean them up.  It’s not up to us to do the cleaning, we just point them to the Book.

James 4:11-12 tells us exactly this:  “Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?”

We are absolutely taught in scripture to judge the doctrine.  Paul tells us this, time and again. 

“Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life!"

1 Corinthians 6:3

But that’s the DOCTRINE, not the person!  That’s the FAILED PROPHECY, not the failure in life that needs Christ to lift them from the clutches of hell. 

If we allow men to establish cults of insulting people, we will soon find that Al-Qaeda is not the largest threat this world can produce.  We’ll have extremist groups all over the world training their children to insult others, and that insulting will bring hatred.  Hatred brings anger, and anger brings murder.

James also writes words of wisdom, words that apply directly to William Branham’s ministry:

“If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person's religion is worthless.”

James 1:26

That verse has more power in it than we realize.  The old-timers, the ones who remember what the cult was in its early stages, will tell you that they remember grace and harmony.  They remember what felt like the Holy Spirit moving, and that movement was bringing them into what they felt like “one accord.”

But while their minds were glazing over to the screaming man throwing insults, the children were listening.  The children were being molded.  The children were learning new and powerful ways to insult each other.

Those children grew, many of them listening to the same insults being thrown.  Some turned into pastors.  Some turned into evangelists or missionaries.  All trained under the leadership of a man who insulted his potential converts. 

Listen to any one of those sermons by the men who are taught to insult.  We have the screaming pastor in Johnson City, TN who says that “hell will be a little hotter” for those who do not agree with him.  He even condemns others in the same cult!

We have the church in Louisiana throwing insults, trying to see if he can match Tennessee blow-for-blow.  Georgia, Tucson, more, all competing to see who can shock their pews by how well they can insult those who aren’t inside of their four walls.

And yet, they all wonder why those numbers inside that building never increase!  They wonder why the only increase is due to the maternity ward!  They try to steal each other’s congregations for growth rather than stand on the street corner preaching that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming.

Do they really believe what Branham had to say about the coming End of Days?  Do they believe that this entire world, and all that is in it, will come crashing down when a woman becomes president? 

Then why aren’t they out there trying to save the lost when women like Hillary Clinton edge closer to that position?  Why aren’t they trying to save as many lost souls as they can possibly save?  Do they think that they alone can close the Ark’s door, and that God has nothing to do with it?  Do they think that the door has already closed?

If they do, then why are they still screaming at the lost?  Why not mourn?  Why not enter into great sorrow and remorse over the millions of lost souls that they failed to show the Gospel of the Kingdom to?  Why are they feasting like there is no tomorrow when the world is condemned to hell?

Could it be that they don’t believe any of this?  Could it be that they have known about Branham’s failed prophecies for several years?  Could it be that they have more fun throwing insults than preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Ask yourselves this question:

If you knew that the world was ending tomorrow, and you knew that every single person in it was going to be burned by a fire that would never be quenched, what would you do?

Would you run to your neighbor’s door, crying, pleading, and begging with them to turn to Christ?  Would you stay there with them until they gave their heart to the Lord, so that you could save just one lost soul?  Would you beg them to help you persuade another and another?

Or would you stand there in front of their face, insulting them to the point of hatred?