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Out Of The Cult And Into Grace

John Collins7/29/2013 11:21:40 AM

It's time that Seek Ye The Truth starts changing focus a bit.

For the past year and a half, we have focused on exposing the many "truths" we once held dear that have been proven complete fiction. We were told that the "prophesies" of William Branham never failed -- not one time -- and yet we struggle to find a single one "prophesied" before the event that actually came to pass.

We were told that the sermons were absolute Bible Truth. "No creed but Christ, no law but Love." But yet, we find the entire cult IS a new creed. We find that this new creed is based upon several "laws" that cannot be supported by scripture. And we find that these laws do NOT produce the Love that Christ displayed when He came to earth for the salvation of the lost and dying world.

We were told that William Branham came with "Thus Saith The Lord," and that when he spoke those words, they were directly from God. Yet we find these words associated with failed prophecies, pipe dreams, and even unscriptural teachings, such as his heretical statement that "Women who cut their hair should be divorced."

I don't believe there is any aspect of William Branham's life that can be exposed in such a way that can be worse than claiming "Thus Saith The Lord" on a statement that was actually "Thus Saith William Branham." His past, his sermons, his failed prophecies, and his fictional life stories are mere shadows of the greater heresy that is now called "The Message."

Many around the world are now examining these things. Our website is under constant observation from cities in countries in every single continent. They are all now coming to terms with this one simple truth: The man was a liar.

It's time for a change. We need to stop focusing on the past, and start looking to the future.

As the great Exodus from the cult of William Branham progresses, there will be people from all countries in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many have never heard it, and have no idea WHAT the Gospel of Jesus Christ actually is. Others base their understanding on the very limited understanding that is presented through sermons on tape or MP3 from the cult, not realizing that they are being taught a different gospel.

While we will still be answering questions in private or in our public forums regarding the failed ministry of William Branham, our main focus will be presenting others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is found in the Bible. The idea is to get people familiar with reading their Bibles without the filter of man's doctrine.

We want to help the many who are now leaving the cult as they are examining their Bibles to find the Grace of Jesus Christ. We want to help others out of the cult and into Grace!

Seek the Truth! It's in the Bible!