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Cult Awareness Handbook

John Collins07/14/2013

We have had an overwhelming response to the new "Cult Awareness Handbook."  In just a few hours, we have had a staggering number of downloads from the sites hosting the handbook.

Many are interested in helping with apologetics in their countries, and are offering to help translate the handbook into multiple languages.  If you are interested, please contact us and let us know!

If you haven't yet seen the handbook, check it out!


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A hardcover copy will also soon be available, however it is recommended to download the free version or the inexpensive Kindle version.  (The printing process for color photographs is very expensive, and even while priced at cost, the hardcover will be over $20 to purchase.)

This handbook is a useful tool for those witnessing to others who are still trapped in the cult of William Branham and are not yet aware of the many issues with the conflicts or fabrications that have been hidden from the people by cult pastors for years.  It would require much more than just one book to contain them all, but it is a easy-to-follow condensed version of the major points.

If there are other major points missed that you feel should be included, please contact us and we will add them to the handbook.  

In the current version of the handbook, you will find:

Signs of a Cult

The word "cult" is a scary word, and many are unwilling to admit the signs of a religious cult when they are right before their eyes.  This section gives some examples that many will be able to relate with, and examples based on personal experience.

Helpful Scriptures

When programmed to believe that "to question is to have an evil spirit" or that "to question is death," one must overcome the fear.  This is an impossible task without scripture to back your stand, and there are some very helpful scriptures that relate directly to the cult programming.

Branham's Birth

William Branham was not honest with his "angelic commission story" wherein the "mystic woman" was able to magically guess his birthdate.  Though this was associated with a "spiritual sign," 1909 was NOT the year he was born according to the United States census and his own handwriting.  What many do not realize is that to appeal to another cult leader, Branham gives a third birth year symbolizing the role of "Elisha."

Branham's Family

While condemning the "sins of the fathers" from behind the pulpit, Branham was condemning himself.  If the cult follower is convinced to believe Branham's reinforcement of the Mosaic Law, they must also condemn Branham himself!

Toddler Prophecy

It is amazing that nobody questioned the toddler prophet of eighteen months having the ability to know what a "city" was and how to pronounce "New Albany" before being able to pronounce "mama."  This section examines the many different ages Branham gives regarding his "toddler prophecy," which range from a few months to a few years old.

Branham's Childhood

While many followers are convinced by William Branham's childhood stories of simple life in Kentucky, nothing could be further from the truth.  This section examines Branham's claims compared to the actual fact.

Branham's Conversion to Christ

One of the most obvious fabrications given on recorded tape is Branham's story about his conversion to Christ by accepting the Penticostal faith.  While pretending that Hope tried to keep him from the faith, there is evidence to prove that both he and Hope were deeply involved with the Pentecostal church.

Tabernacle in 1933

Many around the world have visited the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and have seen the stone block with the description "Established in 1933."  This date is fundamental, because of the fictional "Prophecies of 1933," the "1933 Baptism Commission," and the piece of paper that was laid into the cornerstone when he claimed the church was built in 1933.  The church was not built in 1933, however, which unravels most of the fundamental elements of the cult theology.

Failed Bridge Prophecy

According to scripture, one failed prophesy is all that is required to deem the man a "false prophet."  This section covers the prophecy proven beyond the shadow of a doubt to have failed, which is the prophecy of sixteen men falling from a bridge.

Six (or Seven) prophecies of 1933

To the programmed cult mind, the word "vindicated prophet" is thrown around like some beach ball -- but never landing into the hands of someone who can honestly show any "vindication."  This section examines the six prophecies that were supposed to label Branham as the "Malachi 4 prophet" he claimed to be, and proves him to be false by his own words.  Even the most programmed mind cannot reconcile with the fact that Branham changed these prophecies to fit actual history.

What They Don't Want You To Know

Many think that Branham's angelic commission to heal the sick was authentic, and few realize that this was only another marketing attempt.  His first "commission story" before 1945 did not have the same level of success, and so that version is hidden from the public.

Angelic Commission (Several Versions)

The rest of the "angelic commission stories," though conflicting, seem to align perfectly with a man who many in the 1940's and 1950's believed to be a real angel walking among us.

Prophecy of Marilyn Monroe's Heart Attack

Many in the cult of William Branham believe Marilyn Monroe to have died under much different circumstances.  While it throws the programmed mind into "conspiracy theory mode," the facts are hard to deny.  

Brown Bear Prophesies

Many in the cult love to dwell on hunting stories rather than the word of God -- and most likely because William Branham tried to mix his expensive hunting trips with what he claimed to be "spiritual events."  Though most cannot explain what these "spiritual events" are, they are quite shocked to hear that one of the prophecies did not come to pass!

Prophecy of India

This is the only vision given by William Branham that he himself admitted to have failed.  According to scripture, this one vision alone should be enough to qualify Branham as a false prophet.

Vision of the Plum and Apple Trees

To those who try to study and untangle Branham's many conflicting theologies, this one will raise an eyebrow.  One of the theologies that Branham waffled back and forth over was also tied to a vision!

Failed Tent Vision

This is the one prophecy that every follower within their hearts knows absolutely for certain did not come to pass.  To counter this, many have added another "resurrection before the resurrection" so that Branham can fulfill that which failed.  What they do not realize is that this "prophecy" first started as "wishful thinking."

Man From Windsor

Branham used many fear tactics in his ministry, trying to keep the people from noticing the parlor tricks used for magically guessing names and addresses written on the backs of prayer cards.  This examines one of those stories, telling of a man who ran screaming, yet fell paralyzed, who died yet was still living -- obviously a "choose your own adventure" story!

George J. Lacy, Fictional Head Of The FBI

There are many missionaries who witness that testify that even the US Government deemed Branham's "halo photograph" as supernatural, at the hands of the Head of the FBI.  What they do not realize is that every single element of that story (except that the 'light struck the lens') has been fabricated.

Copying Clarence Larkin's Church Age Dates

Branham claimed from "divine revelation" many things that were in the books and drawings by a man by the name of Clarence Larkin.  The most obvious issue is that Branham copied the dates for the "Church Ages," and chose a man who was not even alive during his "church age."

FBI Agents Converted

To confuse any who would question his prayer card tricks, Branham would claim that all FBI agents who investigated him were converted to his following -- but then gave examples of men who were NOT FBI agents!

Tragedy of Donnie Morton

Many use the "miracle of Donnie Morton" story to claim "vindication" for prophecy -- though healing does not vindicate or fulfill a prophecy.  What many in the cult do not realize is that this is more of a "tragedy" instead of a "miracle," and that the boy died of the exact disease that he entered the prayer line for.

Worship of Angels

The scripture tells us to avoid men who worship angels, yet Branham's ministry was filled with angelic worship -- right down to the 'angel' he claimed to have on the platform with him during the meetings.  Many do not realize that another angel is being worshipped -- and that it is a FALLEN angel!

False "Thus Saith The Lord"

Some who very loosely follow the "message" of William Branham will ignore everything else and tell you that they ONLY believe the parts Branham said as "Thus Saith The Lord."  What they do not realize is that many of these statements are false.  This section gives the best example.

Necromancy: An Abomination Before The Lord

While many are in awe that Branham could "search the souls behind the curtain," the Bible strictly forbids this.  In fact, it was an abomination worthy of stoning.

Opening of the Seven Seals

The Bible says that Jesus Christ, the Lamb, was the only one worthy to open the Seven Seals, but many in the cult believe that William Branham was this "Lamb."  What they do not realize is that Branham changes the location for this great 'spiritual event,' deeming it false by his own words.

The Dirty Little Secret: Homosexual "Tape Boys"  

Those who think that a religious cult that claims to follow Christianity is not damaging have never heard of the sexual molestation and mind control employed by Gene Goad and Leo Mercer, Branham's "Tape Boys."  According to Lee Vayle and public testimony, these two men were unrepentant homosexual deviants.