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Cult Awareness Handbook

John Collins7/12/2013 8:29:32 PMAs new cult awareness and apologetics groups are springing up around the world, we are getting requests for all of the many things that can be used as witnessing tools to help those enslaved by the cult of William Branham.

Someone mentioned how the pastors in the cult have a little 'handbook' of quick responses that gives them some 'ammo' to fight the many things that we now realize and have proven to be lies.

This bothered me greatly -- not just that the pastors know these things and are trying to twist message history to correct them -- but that we as apologetics do not have such a useful tool.

So, I have decided to compile a quick handbook that will be useful as a witness tool to others. It is difficult to compile into quick summaries without fully examining the complete chronological history of how Branham's statements grow and change over time, but I did attempt to condense it as much as possible to get the point across.

Every single person has their "message button", that one thing that bothers them about what they are being spoon-fed. And for every person it is different -- for one person it was the fabricated cloud story, for another it was the "Man from Windsor" and for others it was the dates that he copied from Larkin for the Church Ages. The list goes on.

If your favorite "flaw" is not found in the handbook, and you think it would make a useful witness tool, please contact me and have it added to the handbook.

I will continue to make updates as new things are found that William Branham lied about.