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Bypassing Calvary

John Collins7/8/2013 6:59:58 PM

If you are a Christian, then you follow Christ. If you follow Christ, then you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God, sent down by the Father for atonement for our sins. You believe that He died on the cross for our sins, and that without the work that Christ did on Calvary, we would not be saved.

If you are a Christian, then you believe that NOTHING can replace that atonement. Nothing can replace the work that Jesus Christ did on the cross.

If you are NOT a Christian, you believe that there is a better way. An easier way. Simply asking some other man -- not God, man -- for salvation.

Cult followers will deny this. They will tell you that Christ is the way to salvation. Yet while outwardly professing Christ, they will inwardly believe there is a better way.

Such is the way of those that Branham "granted" salvation to. Side-stepping Calvary, given free "tickets to heaven."

This is one such story:

Jim Ed Daulton

Born: October 7, 1938 Location: Flagstaff, Arizona The eldest son of a father who was the desire of his heart given. Predecessor of the 'Flagstaff Tabernacle.

In 1960 father went through the line and Brother Branham asked him what he needed, he said to him. "The salvation of my family," Brother Branham said, "Do you believe this Brother Daulton?" Father replied, "Sure I do. "Brother Branham looked at my father with those piercing eyes (I believe that whoever looked at the eyes of the prophet could know that he was a man of God) and he said:" I give them to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ "Several days later, as a father Brother Branham met, he said to him." When you came to me and asked for your family, I heard a voice saying, "Give him what he asks." For a man with a family of 10 children (and two more to come), that was a real promise.Today we saw that promise fulfilled, and all children are saved and serve the Lord.

In 1961, Father told us that Brother Branham Kentucky would come to go fishing. Somerset, We were convinced that he would come. To my father's house So we went to clean the house, we painted it, and a few days later he came and went fishing with dad. Mary and I were remodeling our house and it was a mess, wallpaper and everything. That particular day, I did not come home for dinner, but my wife begged me and I went. When I got there Brother Branham stood in the front yard with a rope with fish on it. He wanted someone who fish ready. For himWe left Brother Branham come in and started to excuse our mess for us.With a grin, he told us that it will be when the Lord comes when we least expect Him! So Grandmother Baker, Mary's widowed mother was living at that time with us. Brother Branham told her that he hoe cakes, fried fish, and iced tea wanted!

I have long wondered why he came to our home, but later I heard Brother Branham on tape saying that God always sends His prophet to the house of the widow. It was probably because of grandmother Hattie Baker, he came to us that day. We were so sure he would go. Fathers house

Brother Branham behaved among us simply as' one of the boys. " We once went hunting in Colorado, three feet of snow (about 1 meter) fell in the camp and snowed us. Brother Branham was there with the rest of us, snow shoveling and helping to make a way out. It was truly an experience. To my knowledge this was the only yacht of Brother Branham where sisters were with! We took our women to cook for us. We had a tent for them and a tent for the men.

So we were stuck for three days, but that did not care. For us, that was snow from the Lord, because we were all the time there. Brother Branham sat there and taught us the Word. There he explained to us how the Holy Spirit can receive and still lost every day. He drew us how to have a place in your heart for that little serpent nature, and how the Holy Spirit comes and kills. That was before he came to Prescott. In 1962 we moved to Prescott. There were about 20 families lived together in a large trailer park, and although things seemed peaceful, under the surface they were not always so. In 1964 Brother Branham came to the trailer park and he preached a message that is now called "The Queer 'is (for us he called the nut and bolt). So, after Brother Branham had left, we bought chains, we took nuts and bolts and made necklaces for men, because he had said something about us. He came to visit us again in 1965. He came in each of our homes. We heard later that he, if he then came to the park argued, with Leo Mercier and Gene Goad. He tried to correct things. He was so gentle and friendly. He said Leo, "Peter tried (community life), and it did not work." Brother Leo said, "Brother Branham, it works." Brother Branham just said very softly: "Leo, it will not work." Since we knew in nothing about that time, and it took 10 years before we heard what he had said. But he was right. It did not work.

Through my dealings with Brother Branham, I learned one thing, how to be, without fighting. Militant of the Word of God When Brother Branham prayed for me as a young man, he asked the Lord to make as Irenaeus me. He prayed that he wanted to make. Me a peacemaker I could never gluing together. Irenaeus was a militant for the Word of God. But how could you be a peacemaker and at the same time a militant?

After I became pastor was here in Flagstaff Tabernacle, I told one day to the meeting. I did not understand what Brother Branham prayed over me, to be a peacemaker and also to be as Irenaeus. Militant A little sister in the congregation said, "Brother Jim, just be a peaceful militant." After all these years I had my answer. Be a peaceful militant for the Word of God. Do not be evil. I saw Brother Branham did with Brother Leo and Brother Gene, but I could not glue together unless years later. Brother Branham was a very peaceful person, and yet he was a militant for the Word of God, and he had a very special way to do it.

At that time many things happened, we thought it was just a coincidence.There was a place we like to hunt, she was called "Spider Ranch." We went hunting for several years in that position. We could there really move freely. At certain times of the year, we even knew the position of the stars. Once we were there to hunt with Brother Branham, we noticed a very bright light in the sky. We knew it was not a star, but we really did not know what it could be. Pa Brother Branham asked: "What is that light the camp?" Brother Branham said, "Brother Ed, I can not say for sure, but I want you to know that he is never far from where I am."

Brother Branham really had a sense of humor and he loved to tell jokes. I remember one day when we were hunting. We drove in our old truck, about two miles on the roughest road you could ever ride. The whole time he told us jokes so we double rolled with laughter. Later he said: "You know, God loves humor, but he hates dirty talk."

When we had another time out there, one of our trucks overheated. We pulled the hunting camp to find water. Brother Branham stepped out with the rest of us, and the man who came to ask us what we needed, swore like a blue lightning. The terrible words I ever heard in my life. He was not mad at us, but it was just his way of talking. We did not know what to say. Brother Branham stood there and just looked around. Then he said, "Son, the Lord God in Arizona certainly thrown a lot of rocks here, is not it?" And after he Lord's name mentioned, said that man no curse more out the entire time we were there. I learned a great lesson that day, how you could stay polite, and yet could bring. The presence of God Or how you could make His Presence. Anyone aware of a few common words He made that man conscious of God, and he stopped swearing.

I knew Brother Branham for six years, and that was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I saw him under inspiration, my dreams were interpreted by him. I went hunting with him as an ordinary human being.Every time, when I was with him, I felt that I could get what circumstances. Among the equal

When Brother Branham to be always left me feeling that I was more in love with Jesus Christ, more than ever before.

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