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Mixed Audience in Jeffersonville

John Collins6/25/2013 4:27:23 PM

I came across this by accident, and wondered if anyone else had researched it. It seems as though there were alot of Jehovah's witnesses in the church in Jeffersonville -- and Branham seems to promote alot of Russell's theology in Jeff while condemning it outside of Jeffersonville.

Listen to this:

Now, I have many fine Jehovah Witness friends sitting here. It's all... Or have been. Maybe some of them's still Jehovah Witness. But they've always applied (Mr. Russell did.) this hundred and forty-four thousand to being the supernatural Bride of Christ. See? They... It's not. It has nothing to do

What I'm driving at is the different Jesus that Branham promotes by calling him an angel:

"And at that time Michael shall stand, the great prince." Michael was Christ, of course, Who fought the angelic wars in heaven with the devil. Satan and Michael fought together, or fought against each other, rather. And now... "And at that time," He said, "as many was found written in the book was delivered, and those who had done righteous..." Watch at this.

That above is straight out of the Watchtower.

It is much deeper than people realize. Follow this train of thought:

There is a strong comparison of Michael to Lucifer all throughout -- but typically in the Jeffersonville church. And there are instances where he claims that Jesus and Satan were equal at one time, again another teaching from Russell. It's Jewish mysticism, where the forces of good were equal to the forces of evil.

Here is one such quote:
Lucifer, and he was... In the beginning he was jealous of Michael, what started the whole trouble. How many knows that?

About being equal:
he right hand man of Almighty God was Lucifer, the son of the morning. The first, God granted him almost co-workers with Him; he was a co-worker, partly equal with Him; only Satan could not create. God is the only Creator, but Satan took something that God created and perverted it back into something else, evil.

Did you know Satan was co-equal with God one day? Sure was, all but a creator; he was everything, stood at the right hand of God, in the Heavens, the great leading Cherubim.

It's freakishly odd, because he will make many statements on how the Jehovah's witness doctrine is wrong to some audiences, but then teach the major points in Jeffersonville.

I do see that the papers that SearchingForVindication dug up have references to the masons visiting the church in 1933-1935. Maybe they were affiliated?


The reason for my asking is that I have someone else asking about this JW teaching, and I want to correctly answer the questions with all of the obvious points.

Let me know if you have more info.