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Branham's Jesus? Or the Jesus of the Bible?

John Collins6/22/2013 4:16:08 PM

There seems to be a common thread of several people with the same disillusion: They believe that the Jesus Christ Branham taught was the same one in the Bible -- and therefore the "message" must be correct.

Let me remind you that William Branham's Jesus was NOT ALWAYS that of the Bible -- sometimes was the Jesus of Charles Taze Russell, other times from Joseph Smith, and other times from (a very loose) Orthodox Christianity when he spoke about the Triune Nature of the Godhead.

If you believe in one of the many "different Jesuses" William Branham taught -- then you need to head back to your Bibles. If you believe in the Jesus declared by the Apostles, then you need to ask yourselves why you follow a man who can't decide WHICH Jesus he believes in.

Here is an example of a different Jesus:

"The Spirit left Him, in the garden of Gethsemane. He had to die, a man. Remember, friends, He didn't have to do that. That was God. God anointed that flesh, which was human flesh. And He didn't... If He'd have went up there, as God, He'd have never died that kind of death; can't kill God. But He didn't have to do it." --65-0418M IT.IS.THE.RISING.OF.THE.SUN

...Friends, a man cannot take away the sins of the world. Only God can. There is absolutely NO supporting scripture for Jesus dying as a man. He was God. 

To deny that Jesus Christ is God is to deny Christ Himself. And since He and the Father are ONE, you are denying God.

To deny Christ as God is anti-Christ. Please do not continue serving the anti-Christ. Turn back to your Bibles!

Seek the Truth! It's in the Bible!