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John Collins05/27/2013

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For centuries, almost since time began, Israel has been blamed for many things they did not do, and have been persecuted or discriminated for simply being Jewish.  During most of the history of the Jews, they had no land to claim as their own, from the days in the wilderness searching for Canaan to the many times they were scattered by invading kingdoms.  

During Hitler’s reign, they were the target of a hate crime that would become the largest and worst hate crime ever known to mankind.  Genocide of approximately six million Jews sponsored by Nazi Germany was an attempt to wipe the Jews from the face of the planet.

The Holocaust was the explosion of the growing feeling of antisemitism, or hatred against the Jews, that started long before Moses held two tablets of stone on Mount Sinai.  After the horrific details was presented to the world, pictures and film of mothers letting go of their children’s hands to face their deaths in a gas chamber, or mountains of bodies piled in mass graves, you would think that humanity would realize the wrong that was committed.  But as a whole, we did not.

Conspiracy theorists have spread many false rumors against the Jewish people, and have done a very good job of weaving threads of truth with bulk loads of fiction so that their fables seem to be true.  But like William Branham’s sermons, those threads of truth make the whole summary of their theologies reek with a stench that can turn your stomach.  The Apostle Paul said that a little leaven will leaven the whole lump as he condemned the boasters for their folly.

But if you dig deep enough to find truth among the fiction, you will find some very striking information.

While the Jewish Nation as a whole was the object of discrimination due to fear of the unknown, they were also a strong anchor as a roadmap to the future to “futuristic” Bible scholars.  Since the entire Old Testament primarily dealt with the Children of Israel, Jews, prophetic scripture could be applied to their progress.  And when prophetic scripture did not seem to be fulfilled in the days of old, some Bible scholars applied those prophecies to future events.

But devious minds took notice.  Some scholars who had also studied the history of the Jewish nation, knowing those prophetic verses to have applied to the ancient world, started using them to sway public opinion.  

This fact is so undeniable that conspiracy theorists use this as a foundation of truth to weave into their anti-semitic agendas.  To some, this may seem harmless, but take the agenda to the larger scale.  A broad-spectrum comparison would be something like this:  “I can prove to you that devious men twisted the scriptures to lay false roadmaps based on when the Jewish Nation was formed, so the Halocaust never happened.”

I have actually been told this by Christians!

The fact that the Holocaust occurred under Nazi Germany is undeniable, and the German government will prosecute anyone who gives support to that lie.  Other countries, knowing first-hand of the horrific details support Germany with their stance, and also press criminal charges for denying the Holocaust.  Museums have been established, with actual film footage and thousands of photographs taken by the Germans during the genocide.

Because of the history of the Jews and their near eradication, the word “Zionist” has taken several meanings.  Some are good, while others are bad.

The word “Zion” itself simply describes Mount Zion, and by association simply refers to Jerusalem.  Originally, the term “Zionist” simply referred to numerous groups that promoted the idea that the Jews should be in their “ancestral homeland” of what is now Israel.

In 1917, the World Zionist Organization was formed, taking these many diverse groups and establishing a public face to the ideologies.  This lead to charities, formations of Jewish banks, bank loans and funding specific to Jewish growth, and eventually a forum called the “Zionist Congress.”

The combination of these Zionist groups brought together both the good and the bad.  And it spurned several other ideologies, all under the “Zionist” name.  Some of these include “Labor Zionism,” “Liberal Zionism,” “Nationalist Zionism,” “Religious Zionism,” “Green Zionism,” “Neo-Zionism,” and “Post Zionism.”

When old-timers hear the word Zionism associated with some of the conspiracy theories, they are turned off because they associate that word with “Nationalist Zionism,” or the support for the Jews to return to their homeland.  What they do not realize is that woven into the Zionist movement are some very evil theologies, some that 

have been the foundation for many of William Branham’s “divine revelations.”

Israel was divided into twelve tribes, and most of the people from those tribes were scattered around the world.  The land mass that is now Israel once belonged mostly to the tribe of Judah, and they were the ones that Jesus condemned for their straying from the Mosaic Law and turning into what we associate with the Scribes and Pharisees.  There were obviously good people in the land, some of which turned to Christ, but there was a rising faction that had started to integrate Pagan worship into their religion, called the Gnostics.

Gnostics spread a theology that will sound very familiar to the cult followers of William Branham:  The material world should be shunned, and the spiritual world should be accepted.  Like the cult of William Branham, they lived ascetic lives, forbidding themselves things of the material world, and they tried to force themselves into the spiritual world by a works-righteous faith.  There are many beliefs of the Gnostics that can be found spread throughout William Branham’s ministry, but the one we will focus on is the foundation of the Gnostics: the idea of “Gnosis.”  

Gnosis is the idea that there is a hidden spiritual knowledge, what many would call “spiritual enlightenment” or insight, that is given to a chosen few that will deliver the soul to a state of freedom.

Those in the Jewish nation who subscribed to this pagan religion are called Kabbalists, those who study Kabbalah.  This is commonly known as Jewish Mysticism, and is condemned as Heresy by Irenaeus in his book, “Against Heresies.”

There are also strong ties between Kabbalah and Freemasonry.  In both pagan religions, there is a portion of the religion given in writing, while a portion is only passed down verbally and kept secret.

In Kabbalah, the “Zohar” is the fundamental set of writings describing the faith.  In the Zohar, there is a strong thread of theology that teaches that the Old Order (referring to Christians and Gentiles) must be destroyed before the New World Order can be established.  This also is the foundation of the Freemasons.

It is also believed that the Zohar influenced the Jewish Talmud, and is the only explanation for some of the teachings that stray so far from the Mosaic Law.  There are provisions in the Talmud for sex with children under the age of three, forgiving the matter by saying that it is the same as a “poking your finger in the child.”  The Talmud explains how Jehovah created the Gentiles in human form so that they are not served by beasts -- and describes Gentiles very much the same as beasts.

There are many horrific statements in the Talmud, the worst of which are these:

"When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this, it is as if one puts the finger into the eye..."

"The intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act..."

But when confronted on these terrible statements, defenders of the Talmud do the very same as the cult followers of William Branham in his many false teachings.  Their answer is that “you must take the words as a whole, not nit-picking individual ideas contained within.”  

Whatever the case, William Branham not only wove Gnostic theology throughout his sermons, he also ascribed to the heresy spread by the most dangerous sects of the Zionist movement.  The roots of which seem to hold ground with John Nelson Darby when he started teaching his Dispensational Fundamentalism, and also wove Jewish mysticism into his teachings.

This particular Zionist group is not so much concerned with the migration of the Jewish back into their homeland as they are the formation of the nation itself.  To the Neo-Zionist, that specific date in which they are formed as a nation is the pressing of a stopwatch.  Time starts ticking down until the end of days

And because Darby’s theology is so widespread, many would argue this statement, giving Bible quotes to support the Neo-Zionists.  Darby’s influence went worldwide, and seems to have been pushed by men in the shadows we now know as Freemasons.

Darby influenced a man by the name of Clarence Larkin, who followed in his footsteps.  But Larkin carried the theology a step further, including teachings that would strongly influence the Neo-Zionists.  Larkin created timelines, a series of dates, and applied them to each of the dispensations.  Those dates were directly copied by William Branham, and claimed as “given to him by an angel.”  Very few know that Larkin is the angel Branham is referring to.

In Larkin’s writings and drawing on “Daniel’s Seventy Weeks,” he places the Abomination of Desolation from Daniel’s prophecy to be during the times of the Gentiles.  William Branham studied this drawing, teaching a sermon with the same title afterwards.

Then, Branham started applying all of these Neo-Zionist ideas to his own ministry.  It was as if he were calling out to all Neo-Zionists, telling them to follow him!

Branham claimed that he was given his commmission by an angel the very day that Israel became a nation.

In 1954, he says this:

And a strange thing of that, that you might not know, the very day the Angel of the Lord called me out, May the 6th, 1947, and issued the gift to pray for the sick, was the very same day that Israel become a nation for the first time for twenty-five hundred years. Oh, I believe there's something in it. I just can't keep from believing that we're near the end of time. That's right. -54-0718A The Great Coming Revival

While this starts the clock ticking in the Neo-Zionist movement, Branham got his dates incorrect.  The British Mandate for Palestine was May 15, 1948.  Neither the day nor the year are correct in Branham’s false claim.

But then, Branham started teaching that the Abomination of Desolation from Daniel’s dream was when the Muslims built the Mosque of Omar.  

In fact, this road map, according to Branham, was more important than studying the Bible:

The daily obligation was taken away and the desolate, the abomination that maketh desolation, the Mosque of Omar was stood today in the place of the holy temple. The Mosque of Omar stands exactly where the temple stood. And He said that they would tread down the walls of Jerusalem, over Jerusalem, until the Gent--Gentile dispensation be finished. But at the end of the Gentiles, there would still be three and a half years yet to the Jews. Now, notice one of the most striking things of prophetic history. I don't claim to know the prophecy of the Bible, but this is like reading a newspaper, more plain. And what we read here we know is the truth. -- 55-0109E Beginning and Ending of the Gentile Dispensation

Notice the title of the sermon, taken directly from Larkin’s drawing.  “Beginning and Ending of the Gentile Dispensation.”

But these devious men that influenced William Branham only tell part of the story.  They tie Daniel’s dream to the end of days, because in their theology, they have divided the ages of the world into separate “dispensations.”  Darby included a dispensation for “Grace,” falsely putting an end to God’s Eternal Covenant of Grace.

And Branham tried to carry the Old Covenant Law over into not only the New Covenant of Grace, but into what he considered to be the final dispensation of the world.  Branham essentially carried Law past Grace.

Larkin’s drawing of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks is taken from Daniel 9 after Daniel’s prayer to the people.  But like William Branham, Larkin “snipped out” portions of scripture to fit his agenda, not taking the Bible as a whole.  

In the chapter before, Daniel 8, Daniel describes the situation that will allow the abomination to be set up.  When the interpretation of the ram with two horns and the goat with one horn was given, the angel told Daniel that the two horns represented the kings of Media and Persia.  The goat represented Greece, and his power was not what you would consider to be a great power.  The angel said that the power that would destroy many was this:  DECEIT!

This power would rise even against the Prince of princes, and that power would be broken.  Daniel writes, it will be broken, “but not by human hands.”

Again in Daniel 11, Daniel describes the kingdoms rising and the abomination that makes desolate.  The same situations are established.

We must remember that the prophets of the Old Testament could see the coming Messiah, but could never see the Body of Christ.  It was not until the mystery was revealed that they learned that the Gentiles would be included in the Body of Christ.  Daniel did see the Prince of princes come, and he saw all of the events that led up to His coming.  But he could not see beyond that event.

In his writings of the history of the Jews, the title “Antiquities of the Jews,” Josephus describes events in-between the prophets of the Old Testament and the coming Messiah.  These events during this period of time confirm many prophecies given by the Old Testament prophets, including Egypt turning their hearts to God and establishing temple worship to Yahweh.

This period of time is overlooked by these in the Neo-Zionist movement or those that ascribe to the Neo-Zionist teaching.  Their hidden agendas carry no weight if the Old Testament prophecies are proven to have already been fulfilled.

The original 1611 version of the King James Bible included the Apocrypha, a series of books that contained Jewish history after the Old Testament prophets.

The first book of the Maccabees not only confirm the writings of Josephus, but also confirm Daniel’s vision of the Abomination of Desolation.

The book starts by describing the three kingdoms described in Daniels prophetic book.  The first three verses say this:

And it happened, after that Alexander son of Philip, the Macedonian, who came out of the land of Chettiim, had smitten Darius king of the Persians and Medes, that he reigned in his stead, the first over Greece, And made many wars, and won many strong holds, and slew the kings of the earth,  And went through to the ends of the earth, and took spoils of many nations, insomuch that the earth was quiet before him; whereupon he was exalted and his heart was lifted up.

This is exactly the situation Daniel describes.  In fact, during the course of the first chapter of the book, and confirmed by Josephus, many other prophets of the Old Testament are confirmed.  It tells of the massacre of Jerusalem.  It tells of the evil Simon who rose against Judea, setting up strongholds in the high towers.

It tells how Simon stole the bones of his brother, Jonathan, and built pyramids -- which the books describe as the evil that they are.

Moreover he set up seven pyramids, one against another, for his father, and his mother, and his four brethren.  And in these he made cunning devices, about the which he set great pillars, and upon the pillars he made all their armour for a perpetual memory, and by the armour ships carved, that they might be seen of all that sail on the sea.

But the end of the first chapter describes the evil that Simon brought with his “pyramid theology.”  And it confirms both Daniel’s prophecies as well as many of the other Old Testament prophecies.

Now the fifteenth day of the month Casleu, in the hundred forty and fifth year, they set up the abomination of desolation upon the altar, and builded idol altars throughout the cities of Juda on every side; And burnt incense at the doors of their houses, and in the streets. And when they had rent in pieces the books of the law which they found, they burnt them with fire.  And whosoever was found with any the book of the testament, or if any committed to the law, the king's commandment was, that they should put him to death.  Thus did they by their authority unto the Israelites every month, to as many as were found in the cities. Now the five and twentieth day of the month they did sacrifice upon the idol altar, which was upon the altar of God.  At which time according to the commandment they put to death certain women, that had caused their children to be circumcised.  And they hanged the infants about their necks, and rifled their houses, and slew them that had circumcised them.  Howbeit many in Israel were fully resolved and confirmed in themselves not to eat any unclean thing.  Wherefore the rather to die, that they might not be defiled with meats, and that they might not profane the holy covenant: so then they died.  And there was very great wrath upon Israel.

I find it very interesting that the same chapter that condemns the pyramids also speaks of the establishment of the abomination of desolation.  Archaeologist digs have uncovered literally hundreds of miniature pyramid idols, some with inscriptions on the bottom of how to hold it towards Orion during worship of the demons.

Could it be that the abomination mentioned here is actually a pyramid?  And why are so many pyramids found in the Branham cult churches?  Why did Branham say that the pyramid of Giza was the second “Bible,” second to the Zodiac which is also the bible of the occult?  Is it possible that the abomination that Jesus mentions in the New Testament is actually the establishment of pyramid worship in the churches?

William Branham falsely pointing to the Mosque of Omar as the “Abomination of Desolation” is very interesting when you consider the words of Christ.  There are only two instances of a particular phrase in the Bible, both found in the new testament, and both found in the Gospels:  “Let the reader understand.”

Both Matthew and Mark, two different writers, describe the words of Christ -- who was speaking and not writing.  Jesus says, “So when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.

Notice those words, “Let the reader understand.”  In normal conversation, especially unwritten conversation, you would say, “let the LISTENER understand.”  

Jesus knew that the Jews of that day were very familiar with the abomination of desolation that was setup in the temples in Jerusalem.  The days of the Maccabees were recent, and they had access to a wealth of information describing what was set up when the Holy Temple was converted to pagan worship.  This was a message to the Christians, and it was evidently one that they wanted to keep hidden from the others in the Jewish nation at the time.  Hidden from the Gnostics!

We all know that Branham is dead and gone, and his Neo-Zionist theology regarding the formation of the nation of Israel and the establishment of the Mosque of Omar have held absolutely NO bearing to the timeline of the coming of Christ as Branham falsely taught.  They were all part of the anti-semitic teachings of the likes of Darby, Scofield, Larkin, and others who mischievously tied future events to already fulfilled prophecy.

Had this false teaching not influenced the Christian Church, and had the Christian Church realized that all of the Old Testament pointed to Christ -- not the coming “messiah prophet,” then cults like John Alexander Dowie (also a self-declared “Zionist” who claimed to be Malachi 4) would never have been established.  And had Dowie not established Zion, Illinois, what he claimed to be the “New Zion,” then men like F. F. Bosworth would not have influenced Branham to carry Dowie’s torch. 

And it is very strange that Branham had to “report back” to Zion, Illinois.  He preached his sermon, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision” in Zion.  He preached “Experiences” in Zion Illinois.  He preached the “Africa Trip Report” in Zion.  

Seeing the strong influence of Darby, Scofield, Dowie, and Larkin in Branham’s Gnostic “pyramid religion,” there is just one question that you must ask yourself:

Just who was William Branham reporting to in Zion Illinois when he gave his “Africa Trip Report?”