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John Collins04/26/2013

We are starting to receive questions from all over the world, asking “Where can we find the many things you describe in your videos and your blog about William Branham.”  One brother from Africa has seen the blog emails, and told us that he recognized the many places Branham strayed from the Bible recently, came across the mention of our books, and wondered where he can see more information.  Video instructions are available here: 

Although it is a struggle to keep up with all of the flow of information quickly coming in from around the world by either email, postal mail, contact us page, and even by people who have found us in the phone book, we try to keep the organization as organized as possible.

On our home page,, we have a large picture of the Holy Scriptures – the REAL Voice of God and Spoken Word.  To the right of this picture, you will find a link to our bookshelf, which will take you to a page with all of the books that can be downloaded for free, ordered from Amazon or Kindle books, and even opened in your Google Documents.

Below the picture of the Bible is a link to the videos.  You will find a large picture for a video on the front, which allows you to listen to the most recent video by Seek The Truth, and links to other video pages to the left or the right of the larger picture.  As new videos are added to our site or any of our partners, those links will show you the new videos.

Below the videos are links to the online Forum for discussion, a link to contact us for prayer requests, the number of cities we have reached, and another link to the bookshelf.

Below that menu bar, you will find our Thought for the Day, or Blog as it is called.  This is the most recent blog article from our Blog page.

If you scroll down, you will find a few interesting quotes from the scriptures that condemn false prophets like William Branham and those he praised, next to a link to contact us if you were in a cult that had physical, sexual, spiritual, or emotional abuse.  We have private groups established for those in need, and there is a quickly growing need for more supporters as the number of abused come forward. 

Below this are a few quotes from one of the very few Theologians that Branham supported, George Lamsa, who was also a false teacher that denied the deity of Jesus Christ.  To those who might come across this information by accident, and think that Lamsa’s influence came from God, we have some links that will show the reader otherwise.  We do not want Lamsa’s false teaching to influence others as it did William Branham.

To the right of that section, if you have a Facebook Account, you will see the most recent Facebook posts for the day.

Back to the top of the page in the menu bar, you will find links to other pages within the site.  There is:

  • An about page to tell you a little more about myself, how I was involved in this cult for almost 37 years, mistakenly discovered that William Branham had lied on a few topics, and became ex-communicated so that the pastor – who happened to be my grandfather – could hide that lie from his congregation.
  • A WMB, or William Marrion Branham, page to give you a little more information on William Branham and the portion of his life that was not hidden. Unfortunately, there is a huge portion of his life that he has hidden from the public by telling many lies and conflicting stories, and that information has led us down a path of research that leaves the spiritual realm and seems to coincide with the organized crime that once filled the city of Jeffersonville. Most of that information is being reviewed by people in multiple countries, verified for accuracy, and will be added to the page as we are able to confirm and find more detailed information.
  • Since most of the “supernatural events” William Branham describe in his ministry have been proven fictional, we felt the need for a “Myths” page. This page, which does not yet have even 1% of the lies he told, is dedicated to the lies that turned into myths over time. We have the cloud hoax, Branham’s false claim that George J. Lacy was head of the FBI, the failed vision of California sinking and how Capernaum is still standing to this day. There is a section dedicated to Clarence Larkin, whose works were plagiarized by William Branham and fed to the people as “divine revelation” that came to him in a little room delivered by an angel. There is a page for Avak the Armenian, which seems to have mysteriously influenced William Branham, and fits one of Branham’s of the “angel” perfectly! One section for Branham’s lie of what other Trinitarians believe, one for the scare tactic of the Man from Windsor (the man who fell paralyzed, ran screaming, died six weeks later, died six months later, still living with cancer, and died years later in the many lies Branham told about the man. Another section is the Tragedy of Donnie Morton – which many in the message refer to as the “miracle” of Donnie Morton, the young boy who died from the disease Branham claimed he was healed from in the prayer lines. One for the sermon Branham plagiarized from Billy Graham entitled “Thinking Man’s Filter,” one for Branham’s myth that denominationalism would “deceive the very elect”, one for the King James Version Only doctrines, and one for Branham’s ever-changing vision of the driverless eggcar. There is a section for Columba, the church age “messenger” William Branham magically assigned to his church age dates that he copied from Clarence Larkin – without checking to see whether or not this ‘messenger’ was alive during those dates. The last one we currently have is the filthy movie Branham went to see by Marilyn Monroe, and how his prophecy of Marilyn did not come to pass as he claimed.
  • There is a link to the Forum in the menu bar, which will take you to the open discussion of William Branham’s failed ministry. This forum has nine sections: General Message discussion, which is specifically about Branham’s ministry. General Bible discussion, which is intended to be Bible questions that lead to spiritual growth – and nothing to do with William Branham. There is a section for understanding the link between cults like that of the Branhamites and mental illness. From the people we have spoken with, that tie seems to be very strong. There is a section for the testimonies of Former Followers as they are freed from the cult, and their new experiences in serving Christ and not idolatry. There is a section for Praise and Worship comments as we get excited in serving the One True God. One section is setup for miscellaneous topics, and administrative review of topics. If you are really wanting to get into deep debates – which I do not – there is a section for un-moderated theological discussions.
  • There is a link to the bookshelf, which will take you to a lineup of books. Some in the lineup are a series of books, and clicking the link will take you to the series. Under each book, you have the ability to find the book on Amazon, Kindle books, download PDF, open it in Google Docs, or read it in Scribd. All books are not-for-profit, and we show an example of this at the bottom of the page. We prefer you to read the free copies, but to those who would prefer hardcopies or kindle ebooks, we have the pricing set at the very lowest price allowed by Kindle. To date, we have not amounted to their minimum royalty payout for the cents-on-the-dollar, and have tremendous server costs that place the entire website operating at the expense of my family. Though hundreds have been purchased, it has not amounted to very much money. When and if it does, that cost will be spent on a month of hosting the servers.
  • There is a link to the publications, which will describe the many lies William Branham recorded on tape, the many prophecies that failed so badly that he decided to change them to fit what actually happened, and the many false doctrines he taught. We try to show you exactly where Branham got each false doctrine, although most of it seems to come directly from Charles Taze Russell of the Jehovah’s witnesses. In the middle of the page, there is a section for Government Records that we are prepared to release. This section will grow tremendously over time, but the few here are the only ones we are ready to expose to the public. We have Branham lying on his Marriage License, one of the Ponzi schemes found in this cult, Branham’s tie to the Ku Klux Klan through Roy E. Davis, the cult stealing from Native Americans and Voice of God Recording’s settlement to hide it from the people, tax records showing the 100 million dollar growth in assets for Voice of God Recordings, Joseph Branham denying the Bible as his Absolute to the Russians, and more.
  • The Blog page contains all of the blogs since we started this site in February 2012. On the right, you will see the most recent blog posts. Below that you will find links to older posts. At the bottom, there is a link to signup for the blog. (If you have trouble signing up, please try back again later. “SOMEONE” does not want others signing up for the blog, and often tries to flood the signup form with attacks. Fortunately, “The Organization” does not want to spend that hundred million dollars, and the attacks do not come from a hacker with much experience.
  • There is a Frequently Asked Questions page that contains a lineup of questions that flooded our website when we first started. There are not enough pages on the internet to fill the many questions we have had since then, so this page is not as up-to-date as we would like it to be.
  • We have a “Links” page that will show you some good resources for Bible study, further research on William Branham’s failed ministry, and Christian awareness if you are trapped inside of this or other religious cults.
  • Last, there is a page to contact us, which also seems to get flooded from time to time by a few inexperienced hackers. Again, very glad that “The Organization” does not want to spend the hundred million.

As you will quickly find when going through this content, our goal and intent is to point others back to Christ – no matter which cult they are trapped inside.  Though most of the content is related to the cult of William Branham, we have found that his teachings and the cult establishment is exactly like that of other religious cults with hidden dangers just as evil. 

To those who would argue this is not the case, I will say this:  Until you have stood in line for a community spanking by a couple of gay Branhamite pastors, you have no clue what you are talking about!  (and yes, we aren’t mentioning the little trips to the woods at all).

There is a great need for help as this overwhelming Titanic of lies is taking on water.  When a poor soul finds that they have been fed buckets full of lies their entire life, many turn away from Christ.  We need people standing in the front lines to show them how the Bible is filled with Truth and not lies – even though cult pastors now throw it under the bus to save their false prophet.  We need people with outstretched hands for the abused and with support for the weak.

Most of all, we need prayer.  As the Titanic starts to split in half, there are a lot of very wealthy people who are very unhappy.  Their actions to us and others who point to Christ is very insulting, unchristian, and damaging to our spirits day by day.  But then, the battle against Satan is very much the same.  We do not do this to choose the easy road, we do this to help every last person we can help to find Christ in their lives.

God bless you.