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Thieving Pastors Stealing Tithe Money

John Collins04/23/2013

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If you were a father with multiple children, and you went out of the country for a few years, appointing one of your children to manage your funds and watch over the other children to keep them healthy and safe, you would expect that child you appointed to do exactly as you yourself would do.

If you had given the other children amounts of money and provisions of food, work, and other means to survive, and asked them to make sure that the one appointed had enough money to take care of the children, you would expect the other children to give.

If you had laid down specific rules for how that money was to be managed, and explained each rule to the child that you appointed, you would expect him to follow those rules.

First, you asked the appointed child to make sure that no one went hungry, and that no one was without.  First and foremost, they must survive while you are away. 

During the course of a few years, there is a chance of hardship, and you know that some of your children might struggle from time to time.  You ask the appointed to make sure that they do not struggle, and than they are sufficiently given enough so that they can live peaceful lives without worry for money.

You know that you have very hard-working children, and they will need some time off for rest and relaxation.  You give them enough money to take their much-needed rest, and give instruction for them to give it to the appointed child so that he can disperse it as needed.

Also, you are a very observant father.  You realize that the amount of money entrusted to the appointed child is quite a bit, so you tell him that he should only be in charge of it for a few months, then pass the torch.  And when the torch is passed, ALL the money, save the portion that was already yours, should be given back to the other children.  This way, you keep the finances of your children balanced, and have not setup one child to be a rich tycoon.  Just to be safe, you instruct the one during his appointed time that he is not to become attached to the money, and not spend it on anything besides helping the other children.

If you were to return after your period away from the family, and find that the first child you appointed was not only STILL overseeing the funds, but also ignoring most of the rules you have given him, you would turn VERY angry!  When you noticed that he had become very wealthy while the other children struggled, you would become fierce! 

How do you think the Heavenly Father thinks about the children that He has appointed, when he sees what has happened in this cult of William Branham and other cults like it?

There is a REASON why these cults teach you that the Old Covenant, the one that Paul called “obsolete,” is still in effect.  To push their greedy agendas, that is the first piece of the puzzle!

The first thing we must understand is that the entire Old Testament describes the fall of mankind through Adam, the Law that was introduced because of Adam’s sin, and the prophesies that a redeemer would come to fulfill that Law and lift the curse.  Similar to the way this father in the example created rules to teach his children correction, God gave a set of instructions while He is away from us.

To Christians today, many of these laws would never make sense.  We would never stone our sons for disobeying; we would train them with love instead.  Our pastors do not need to wash their hands in a brass basin before entering our churches as the priests did the temples of the Old Testament.  Our sacrifice has already been made through Jesus Christ, so they have no requirement of remaining clean for the physical sacrifice upon the altar.

Once Jesus Christ came to die for us, Grace replaced the Law.  Divine Love fulfilled each and every law that are now required of us, from the most simple and minor instruction to the greatest of them all.  If you love other men and women, you will not kill them.  Love does not allow you to steal from them.  Love will not allow you to bear false witness against them. 

Jesus told the Pharisees that there were two great commandments, and they went hand-in-hand.  Love the Lord thy God with all your heart and mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself.  Within these two commandments, all other commandments are fulfilled.  Those that do not fit within these commandments, such as stoning your child for wrongdoing, are no longer required under Grace.

Yet these cults are pushing Old Covenant Law, because it is far more profitable.  (profitable with an ‘F’, not a ‘PH’.)

You might ask yourself: How does this guy know this?  He can’t know my pastor’s intentions!  He can’t know my wonderful pastor, and how he extends his loving arms to help the poor!

You see, while that loving pastor is extending public arms, he privately is ignoring the rest of the instructions!  Just like the appointed child in the example, he is keeping the part of the Old Covenant that talks about giving him money, but he is COMPLETELY ignoring the part where he has to give it back and how he should never become attached to it or even spend it on himself unless needed for survival.

There is only ONE reason why a man would lie to you about still being under the Old Covenant that Paul said was REPLACED with the New Covenant – and then mischievously BREAK ALL of the rules that do not benefit themselves:  greed!

How many cult pastors that you have seen that are so fat they can heardly breathe?  How many have you looked at and thought, “that guy could die during the middle of this sermon, simply because of his cholesterol?”  How many remember William Branham’s son shaking his head back and forth saying, “I’m not an old man yet!” and his third and fourth chin would do “echo shakes?”  (and yes, in case you have not realized, he is past being an “old man,” and California is still standing).

Leviticus 27:30 tells us that tithe is NOT the pastors, and is owned by the Lord:

“Every tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the trees, is the Lord's; it is holy to the Lord”

When you consider the entire Old Testament, and the growth of human kind on the face of the earth, this makes sense.  Tithe was used for increase, and the children of God gave tithes in the temples for the priests and high priests to use according to the purpose of God.  Tithing in the Old Testament was NOT to increase the wealth of the priest, or for supplying only those attending the temple, but for provisions to those in need.  The Bible mentions tithing as provisions for the Levite, for the stranger, for the orphan, and for the widow.

King David set aside offering to build the great Temple.  His use of the gold, silver, bronze, and timber were given as a tribute to God while David was living, but God had a greater purpose for the Temple.

Tithes were not simply given in gold.  Fields, animals, grains, fruits, and more were dedicated to the Lord.  Every seven days, NO person was to labor.  Unlike the churches of today who let out and go to a restaurant so that they don’t labor in front of the stoves, the people in the Old Testament also honored those that would be preparing the food.  There would be no ‘restaurants’ serving food, because there would be no workers to tend them.

The Sabbath was not just the seventh day.  Seven times a year, a festival called ‘High Sabbath’ was honored, in which an entire week was free from labor.  Every seventh year was the ‘Sabbath Year,’ in which the entire culture did not tend the fields for the entire year.  Every 49th year was the year of the Jubilee, which represented the new birth – they did not tend for a year, and did not plant for a second year.

Had the people not given their tithes, they would have starved during the times of Sabbath.  If the priest had not given it back to the people, the people would have starved.  Most of the tithe was given back to the people, save the little bit that the priest held to live on.

Imagine if a Branhamite cult pastor were the priest during that day!  You can give all of your money to me, but you can fend for yourselves during the Jubilee, while I ride “Cadillac Camel” or “Lincoln Llama!”

In the Old Testament, it was not just money that was given.  There was a strict code that was followed according to Leviticus 27:1-34.

They valued slaves, placing a male to be worth fifty shekels of silver.  Female slaves were valued at thirty shekels.  A young adult, from five to twenty years old would be valued at five shekels of silver for the males and three shekels for the female.  Old men and women were valued at fifteen and ten shekels respectively.

An animal could be offered to the Lord.  It must be a good animal, clean and approved by the priest. 

Houses could be dedicated for tithe unto the Lord.  The priest would value the house as good or bad, and if it was considered good, it was acceptable unto the Lord.

If the person was too poor, ten percent was not required.  The priest would determine how much they were able to give by considering their situation.  Also, some of the tithes could be redeemed, but was required to give an additional fifth of the value.

The land, or part of it, could be given for tithe, but was valued according to the seed it produced.  Certain seed was valued more than other seed.  It was valued according to the year of the Jubilee, because its purpose was to be given back to the people during the year of the Jubilee.

All things given were valued according to how much it would provide FOR THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL AND NOT THE PRIEST.

The tithe offering was given to the priest to be consecrated as holy unto the Lord.  It was held until the times of the Sabbath and the years of Jubilee.  During the times the people needed it, it was used to provide for those who gave it unto the Lord, both the rich and the poor.

The priest only held a small portion.  The priest did not labor in the fields; he labored for the Lord.  He did not start small side businesses, invest in the stock market, startup construction companies or “scroll bookstores.”  The tithe offering was held by the priest to live upon, not for profit, with the full intent that it would one day be given back to the people.

Malachi 3 is the last time tithing is commanded in the Bible:

Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

In the New Testament, things are different.  The Old Covenant has been lifted, and the New Covenant has been signed, sealed, and delivered with the blood of Jesus Christ.

When Paul speaks of money given to the glory of God, he speaks of giving, not of commandment for tithing.  In 2 Corinthians 9:7, he says that God loves a “cheerful giver.”  A cheerful giver is someone who gives because his or her heart is fully devoted to God.  It is someone who has Divine Love, and gives from the goodness of his or her heart.

Some churches of today have accepted the New Testament.  They have accepted the fact that Jesus Christ came to fulfill the Law, and the law of Divine Love has now became the ‘Law’ of today.

Others, like the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, remain focused on the old laws.  Not the old laws as a whole, because the current culture does not allow it.  And not the old laws in their entirety, because it is not profitable when you have to give your money back to the other children.  Like the Pharisees of old, they pick and choose the laws from the Old Covenant that fits their purpose, fills their pockets, and give them double chins.

They have chosen to abide by the old law of ten percent, yet have left off the part where it is given back to the people during the years of Sabbath and Jubilee.  They have chosen to take the portion that is allotted to them, and keep the portion that was to be given back by those who gave it in the first place.

Many would never accept an animal as offering, yet the very laws they try to uphold show us that the Tithing was given for sustenance. 

In these cult churches, the money that the other children contribute are not given back to them or the community they live in, as it was in these Old Covenant laws.  Pastors of today find their tithes overflowing with profitability, and so they contribute to offshore funds to help the poor in other countries, or to pay for missionary travels. 

Some of these offshore accounts are flowing back into “The Headquarters” slowly, so that they continue unnoticed.  But what the money machine does not realize is that there are ways to notice the many offshore accounts funding their locomotive of lies.

My question for you is this:  If a pastor leaves out portions of the Word of God, not teaching them to you so that he can get fat off of your ignorance, how do you know that he is not leaving other portions of the scriptures out for some other unknown purpose?  Wouldn’t you rather read your Bibles for yourselves in its entirety?