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Branham: Altering the Covenants

John Collins3/31/2013 5:48:00 PMVery interesting realization today while sitting in Sunday School.

We were taught that the Noaic Covenant, and the rainbow sign, was God's covenant between God and Man that He would never destroy the earth by water, and that it would be by fire next time.

What part of this "covenant" is not part of the Bible?

No place in the bible -- not one single scripture -- associates the fire with the covenant with Noah. In fact, the Covenant was that God would never destroy mankind from the face of the earth!

This breaks rapture theology at the core -- the false teaching that the 'little bride' will be 'caught up' and then the world destroyed by fire. Most associate that teaching with God's covenant with Noah, but that is not found in the Bible.

Anyone care to place a bet where this theology comes from? From the Book of Enoch and the Fragments of the Book of Noah in the Dead Sea Scrolls!

The Bible does describe a fire, and definitely describes the fires of hell. But most instances of the fire are describing the burning of Jerusalem. Even in Revelation, when the fire is described, "a third of the earth" is burned. After the fire, we find the righteous still on the earth -- because the locusts and other beasts from the deep rise to plague the unrighteous. ...while the righteous are still there! They will skip the righteous and affect the unrighteous.

There is a verse in 2 Peter 3:10 that describes the burning earth, but the Greek word translated is misinterpreted. Instead of "burnt", it means, "I find, learn, discover, especially after searching." (Strongs 2147)

Alternately, that translation could also be read to expose the elements of the earth and expose the wicked.

Either way, burning or not, William Branham "added to" the Noaic Covenant, which can be considered blasphemy. He changed the story of Noah to be nothing more than a "fear tactic" instead of the story of God's undying love to Noah that it really is.

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