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Reminder To Users

John Collins3/15/2013 2:02:00 PMEveryone,

This is a reminder that the information in this forum, presented by each individual poster, should be presented in a Christ-like and professional manner.

Today marks the first time any poster has posted an entire thread as a personal attack to another user. We do not want to screen posts, both sides of any argument should be displayed. Personal attacks, however, will be moved into "Administrative Review" while we decide what to do with both the posts and the poster.

This forum is dedicated to exposing the many lies, false doctrines, and failed prophecies by William Branham. They are not intended to be an attack on the man, but an attack on the false doctrine.

To the 'programmed' cult worshipper, these seem like personal attacks. Over time, many with that point of view start to realize just how many lies William Branham told from behind the pulpit, and they no longer feel personal.

But any poster who responds to information about William Branham with a personal attack will be under administrative review.