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Response To Jeff Jenkins

John Collins03/09/2013

Video available here:

I was contacted by Jeff Jenkins, pastor of “Believers Christian Fellowship” in Lima, Ohio regarding a new video series that he is starting.  For those of you who want to watch, the first video is on his website, linkable through his Facebook page.  (

Jeff asked that I watch the video and welcomed me to feedback, and I want to say this:  I respect Jeff Jenkins very much.  To date, Jeff is the first pastor that has done this, and Jeff is the only pastor that I’ve watched or overheard who does not say things about me that are not true.  My own grandfather, pastor of the Branham Tabernacle, threatened me and my family for even questioning.

But I don’t respect Jeff Jenkins for my personal esteem – I respect Jeff because he tries his very best to preach according to scripture … even when that scripture does not align with William Branham’s teaching.  Jeff is the one who publically announced that he and George Smith knew that William Branham was not there when the cloud appeared, and that it was the result of a T.H.O.R missile.  While Smith has now changed his story to keep and go after more popularity, to my knowledge, Jeff has held to the truth and not fiction.

So I’m going to try this once, and see how it goes.  Typically, when I give my opinions or show Scriptural truths that do not agree with “Message Theologians,” I get a backlash of hatred and even cursing.  I have had people from 3rd world countries try to place a curse on me for standing with the Bible, and pray daily that God keep his hand of protection over my house against the wiles of Satan that are in these types of churches.

If these types of responses start flooding Jeff’s Facebook page, then out of respect for Jeff, this will be the last time that I try this.

On the positive side, I agree with the overall concept of Jeff’s video.  Many who have learned about me recently and do not know me assume that I have a personal vendetta against the man William Branham, or my grandfather who is currently the pastor of the Branham Tabernacle.  Those who do know me laugh a bit at this, because it takes a great deal of having my face thrown into the mud to be hold anything against any man, woman, or child!   Most likely, they came to this conclusion because of Voice of God Recordings statements to that effect in response to the WHAS 11 news article.

I completely agree with Jeff on this respect:  Prophets, even prophets in the Bible, make mistakes.  We are all humans.  I am a sinner, you are a sinner, William Branham was a sinner, Moses was a sinner.  It is only by Grace that we are saved, and only through faith in Jesus Christ.

My family personally knew William Branham, my aunts and uncles played with Branham’s children often, and my grandfather spent many hours by his side.  Their description of the man is no different than you or I – he was human.  He made mistakes, and he had successes.  I hold nothing against the man, and hope that he repented for his sin and is in heaven.  I hope no less for any person who follows this man.

But while I agree with this overall concept given in the video, which is absolutely correct, I disagree with most of the minor concepts given to support that summary. 

Moses made a great mistake when he smote the rock.  Many have compared this to the mistakes of William Branham, and to some extent that is correct.  But remember, my offense is not taken with William Branham.

When Moses prophesied, when Elijah prophesied, when Jonah prophesied, these were not the words of a man.  These were the Words of God!  If they were prophesies induced by other means than God, then these men were false prophets and soothsayers! 

The misunderstanding by cult followers, including pastors, is Branham’s twisting of prophesy itself. 

In the video, Jenkins supported Balaam as a prophet of God, which he learned from William Branham.  Branham learned this from other false teachers before him.  In fact, Branham said that Balaam had the “same anointing as Moses!”

Not all prophecy comes from God, and not all prophets are prophets of Yahweh.  There are herbs in third world countries that can induce visions.  If I force them into your throat and you see a vision, was that vision from God?  Does that make you a ‘prophet’?

Fasting, a practice that William Branham himself admittedly practiced before visions, is an American Indian practice.  As the body senses that it is shutting down, visions are a phenomenon that many see.  Does that make starving nations a nation of prophets?

Balaam was a sorcerer, a practice that was punishable by death.  God did give Balaam a vision, and history records this.  But while he tried very hard to see a vision from Yahweh, Balaam was also seeing visions from the Baals.  And he couldn’t see a vision from Yahweh!  Because Balaam saw visions from cults that sacrificed children to false Gods, does that make Balaam have the “same anointing as Moses?” 

God is not limited to our time and space.  Before the world was formed, “I AM.”  Right now, He is “I AM.”  In the future, He is “I AM.”  He knows exactly what is going to happen five minutes from now, because HE IS five minutes from now.  He knows exactly what is going to happen at the end of our life, because HE IS at the end of our life! 

When God speaks, He tells the prophets EXACTLY what happened.  It may be in forms of symbolism, but that is God’s way to make the vision know to us at the right time.  If God were to tell John the Revelator exactly what happened at the End of Days, then people would be expecting every single similar event that took place to be the final one.  Instead, God spoke in symbols, so that when the time was ready, we would know.

Jeff was correct in this aspect.  Sometimes the prophets do not understand the symbols fully.  Sometimes they do.  But, that does not mean that the symbols are incorrect.  And if the prophet is from God, those symbols would never --- NEVER – change.  William Branham’s prophesy, every single one of them, changed over time.  Many of them changed so much that what we ended up with are not even close to the original description of the “symbols.”

I won’t go through Jeff’s video point-by-point, because I think his humility, motives, and focus is correct.  I believe that Jeff is uplifting Christ, not a ‘prophet.’  I believe that Jeff’s heart is in the right place.

But there are three points I would like to make – simply because I was once exactly in the place that Jeff is at right now.  Having been programmed with the teachings of this cult, I struggled with the very same things that Jeff seems to struggle with in this video.

We were taught that you can only “open” the scripture “through” the Message of William Branham.  The sons of Branham use the example of a rifle – looking down the scope (the message) to the target (the bible).  Any hunter knows that when you look through that scope, there’s quite a bit around you that you miss.  Sadly, this is exactly the same with the Bible.

For instance, Jeff referred to William Branham as the fulfillment of “Revelation 10:7.”  And he spoke about the “Two Witnesses” of Revelation that would come – one of which Branham called “Moses.” 

This theology is because Branham himself said it.  Looking through the scope, we can focus on that single verse of Revelation 10:7, and it seems to be on-target.  But we miss the objects out of focus from the scope:  Revelation 11.  The “Seventh Trumpet” sounds AFTER the Two Witnesses!  If we keep reading, the plagues are spoken BEFORE the Evening Light!  Jeff seems to still be looking through the scope, and I’m praying that he puts his weapon for killing down to see what he’s shooting at first.

There are many other examples where the video is not scripturally aligned, and we won’t get into them.  But to say that Jesus did not understand his own “prophesy” is a heresy.  This heresy, one that Branham got from the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and one that they got from Gnostic teachings, was condemned by the early church in the ancient world.  Branham taught that Jesus was Michael the Archangel, straight out of a book by Charles Taze Russell.  Branham tried to limit the Godhead, and Jeff mistakenly did the same.  I do not believe Jeff intentionally did this, but there is room for some spiritual growth.

Jesus knew the woman at the well.  Jesus knew who would betray him.  Jesus knew the donkey would be there, and how the disciples would get it. 

While Branham taught that Jesus was just a “prophet” or just an “angel,” he was attempting to lift himself up to be equal to Jesus Christ.  Jeff does not have that intention.  This heresy conflicts directly with the book of John:

“Now we understand that you know everything and don't need anyone to tell you anything. From this we believe that you came from God."  John 16:30

The second point I would like to make is another that I struggled with.  Fear tactics.  Branham used them, and used them well.

While Jeff gives the example of the “grace” of Branham by forgiving those on the front seats, he omits the part of the “Man from Windsor,” that Branham allegedly “smote to the ground.”  All through his ministry, Branham used this fear tactic to describe what happened to unbelievers, yet the story itself was fiction!  The man sometimes fell screaming, other times ran screaming, other times fell paralyzed, sometimes died other times still paralyzed, other times still with cancer.  None of the stories match.

But the problem is that Jeff “copied” one of the fear tactics from William Branham – not even knowing it.  Jeff, like Branham, said that Miriam got leprosy because she “humanized” the prophet.  Multiple problems are found in this statement that came from William Branham.

Prophets ARE human!  They are NOT to be worshipped, and God does not give authority to worship a prophet. 

But Miriam was actually smote with leprosy for falling into a false doctrine that Branham regurgitated:  Interracial marriage.

Branham’s view of interracial marriage itself was flawed.  For him, the only two races that he condemned were African Americans marrying whites.  The Klan beliefs of his in-laws seem to have impacted him.

Miriam did not like the fact that Moses did not marry his own race.  He married an Ethiopian, which by all means would have been very black.  God smote her with leprosy for this pride that she held in her heart.  Ironically, God changed her skin to WHITE!  “Look, Miriam, your skin is also not white! 

The Bible says that the blood of all mankind came through one man.  Not through two (a serpent and a white).  This teaching comes from the Klan, and they got it from Kaballah. 

Paul says in Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

The last point I’d like to make is about the section of the video talking about prophets promoting worship of other Gods. 

Jeff’s church is not a “tape-only” church, they actually preach the Bible.  Most of the ones that I grew up in were “tapeworms,” and proud to be called that.  They taught ONLY what ‘the prophet’ said, by playing ‘reruns’ of the tapes.

I’m going to leave you with a few false religions, “other gods,” that Branham promoted:

The sun god, Ra:  From his freemason teachings, Branham said that the “capstone” of the pyramid was “Jesus Christ.”  In the ancient world, pagan worshippers sacrificed their children to this false God, and freemasons believe that this pyramid and the “all seeing eye” are to be worshipped.  This “all-seeing-eye” is found in pagan (Baal) worship around the world, and in several countries.  It is tied to human sacrifice, temple prostitution, slavery, and more.  This was a false god.

The capstone, or “Eye of RA” pointed to the sun, while the pyramids themselves point to Orion’s Belt, which is a sign in the Zodiac.  Branham said that the first “bible” was the Zodiac, and the “Eye of Ra” was the second Bible. 

Temples with the “pillars of Astaroth” worshipped the same Zodiac that Branham did.  They were filled with homosexual prostitutes, just as Branham surrounded himself with homosexual “tape boys,” Gene Goad and Leo Mercer.  They used the zodiac for “numerology,” a pagan worship found throughout India in Hindu temples of today – and found ALL throughout the message.  Threes, Fives, Sevens, all forms of pagan worship.  Yes, these numbers are in the Bible, but message followers try to live their lives by them, worshipping Hindu numerology!  Branham himself tried often to get back into India, and it is believed that there were other reasons for his desire to go.

Temples of Astaroth also had female prostitutes, and cult members could openly watch sex in the temples and the surroundings.  This is no different than Branham’s wanting to visit Pigalle, the sex capital of the world.  His only reason for going was, according to his own words, “to see if it was as bad as they said.”  His conclusion?  “Yep!  It was!”  Branham walking through the streets of this city, witnessed men and women having sex – everyone who went there did.  Much like when he visited the world’s fair in Seattle – the first world fair with an entire section that was off-limits to those under 18 because of nudity! 

So I’ll leave you with this:  Jeff said that it was OK for a prophet to have a failed prophesy, if that prophet pointed others to Christ, did not fall into the error of women, did not fall into the error of money, and stayed with the scriptures.

According to Sarah Branham’s letter to Branham’s sons, we find that he died with over three million dollars – closer to twenty or thirty million in today’s value.  Simply from his visit to Pigalle’, the worlds fair, and his frequenting the movie theatres to watch Marilyn Monroe, we see falling into error with women.  We find Baal worship through masonic teachings, Hindu numerology, worship of the sun, moon, and stars – all punishable by death under the Mosaic Law.  And we find Branham (and Jeff) uplifting Balaam, the soothsayer that was stoned for his sorcery according to the Old Covenant Law. 

Combine that with God’s instruction that if ONE prophesy fails – ONE – we should not follow that prophet.  Which part of this cult is not falling into grave error?  Which Jesus was Branham pointing to?

For me, it does not seem to be the same Jesus that created the heavens and the earth.  It seems to be the “angel” that the Jehovah’s witnesses worship – and likely because Branham had several books by the Watchtower society.  He mentions studying from them in his sermons!

The real question is: Which Jesus will you serve?  The one that the ancient world sacrificed their children to?  Or the one that said, “suffer not the little children to come unto me?