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The Mosque of Papacy

John Collins02/12/2013Many have asked me my thoughts on the Pope's resignation.  William Branham changed from fear tactics on Communism to a common Freemason belief that the Catholic Church is the "Great Whore of Babylon."

I respect this decision from the Pope. Nice to see a religious leader who recognizes that he is incapable of serving, and is willing to step down. There are many religious leaders of the past that should have stepped down due to mental, physical, or other reasons they could not fulfill their duties, and have led many astray.

Since Branham lied about SO many things, I don't take his word for anything -- I would rather listen to what the Bible says.  I don't listen to what any man says, I would rather listen to what the Bible says.

Branham copied most of his ideas from Clarence Larkin's writings regarding Daniel's Seventy Weeks -- but when he changed portions to his own, he actually got the doctrine further from the Bible than even Larkin.  Other men, all claiming the Pope is the Antichrist make similar mistakes ... and most of them Masons.  It is believed that Larkin also had strong Freemason ties, possibly even a Freemason himself.

The bottom line for me is this:

If William Branham was so far from the scriptures in the other subjects we've discussed I don't trust his theology in this one.  When studying his sermons on the topics surrounding the "End of Days," I've learned that he could not have been further from the truth.  Why?  He snips a verse out here and there, taking them out of context.

Books of the Bible were scrolls, no chapters or verses.  When he describes Revelation 10:7 pointing to his own ministry, we find that it is invalidated by continuing down further in the scroll.

So my current beliefs come directly from the Bible.  And you can't get it from simply reading one verse, chapter, or even book.  If you read Revelation, for instance, without Zechariah, you will have part of the picture but not all of it.  If you read Zechariah without Daniel, or Daniel without Isaiah, you'll miss it.

Branham was levels worse, because he just "snipped" a verse from each of these instead of everything.

These are the books, and you need to read everything they say about the "Kingdom of Heaven," "End of Days, " "Abomination of Desolation," "Gospel of the Kingdom," and "Judgement."


You see, Branham said that the Mosque of Omar was the "Abomination of Desolation."  The Bible says that the Abomination of Desolation was satan himself.  Is Satan a Mosque?

Branham says that the Beast was the Catholic Church.  Revelation says the Beast was the number of a man (666 ...or 616), not a church or even a group of people.  

These two statements of the Bible align.  These two statements of Branham do not align.  

Branham says that the Iron and the Clay were Kruschev and Eisenhower.   Daniel says (in King Nebuchandnezzar's vision) that the Iron and the Clay were mixed together with Babylon.  Neither Kruschev or Eisenhower are the Catholic Church.  Why does he say this?  Fear tactic during the war!  After the war, he stopped "watching Russia," and preached against "those men" who said to watch Russia.  ...he preached against himself!

Branham Says that Rome is the seven hills mentioned in Revelation.  Zechariah, Revelation, Isaiah, and Ezekiel describe the surrounding nations mixing with Israel after the drought, and how God would draw them near to outside the temple.  Jerusalem also sits on seven hills.

My opinion is not that the "bride" is the mystery babylon -- that wouldn't make sense.  My opinion is that the Bible does not lie.  The surrounding nations of israel will mix with israel -- just like the Bible says.  My opinion is that the two prophets will rise, speaking the plagues, and a drought will force israel into great famine, just as the bible says.  My opinion is that Israel will look to their enemies for food, just as the Bible says, and that the two prophets will rise again to speak the plagues against the surrounding nations ... just as the Bible says.  Famine will strike those nations, in my opinion, and they will all gather to the Temple Mount for the Feast of Booths -- just as the Bible says. remember.  ALL of this is to happen BEFORE the "Evening Light."

There is plenty more to the story.  It's all in the Bible.  All you have to do is read it!

Read it for yourself!  Seek the Truth!  It's in the Bible!