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Popularity Contest With God

John Collins02/09/2013John 3 tells us to focus on the Reason for what we do, not the way it is done or who does it.  There is one Goal, and that Goal is Christ.  There is one Way to salvation, and that Way is Christ.  Any person helping others to Christ are only instruments in God's hand, and if we follow the instrument instead of God, or if we think that we as an instrument are better than the other instruments, our focus is not on God.

As John the Baptist was baptizing at Aenon, many were coming to be baptized.  Suddenly, the people noticed that Jesus and His disciples were also baptizing in the countryside nearby, and this caused quite a stir.  Many waiting to be baptized by John left, while some remained to be loyal to John.

To those who teach Oneness, this scripture is avoided, because of what happens next:

John's disciples told John why the people were leaving, and they started discussing the importance of baptism.  They said that the One that John bore witness of had replaced John, and this caused a situation.  Who would want to be baptized by John, when Jesus Christ was nearby doing the same?

John's answer was solid:  "A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven."  John reminded them that he had told them that he was not the Christ, though some would have thought he was.  

John did not decide to close up shop, and tell everyone to leave and be baptized by Jesus.  Though Jesus was the Son of God, John said that the Gift was sent from Heaven.  John continued.

Yet, at the same time, standing before them was the Son of God!  John said that though he bore witness, proclaiming that the Christ was soon coming, now He was there in their midst.  John said that his joy was complete, and that he must uplift Christ!  "The one who has the Bride is the Bridegroom," John said.  "The friend of the Bridegroom, who stands and hears Him, rejoices greatly to hear His voice!"

Christ is exalted, above all.  John said that those that are of this earth belong to this earth.  They speak in an earthly way.  Christ came from heaven, and is above all.  He was bearing witness to what He had seen and heard, yet no one received his testimony!

John said that if we can just listen to the Words of Christ, we will learn the exact teaching that will save us: that God is True.  John said that we should "set our seal to this."  

Jesus was sent by God.  John said that the One God had sent to them uttered the Words of God.  John said that God gives the Spirit without measure.  

In the perfect explanation of the Godhead, John describes the Spirit that is given to us by God, and how the Father loves the Son.  "The Father", John says, has given the Son all things into His hand.  

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life.  Whoever does not will not see life.  John said that the wrath of God will be upon those that do not believe in the Son, Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we think that because we follow a man, we have some greater gift than others who do not follow him?  When a man proclaiming to be the "Elijah of this day" appears before us, do lift him up?  Is this not the very thing that happened in this scripture?  Do we listen when that man tries to teach us Oneness, when John describes a Father in heaven sending the Holy Spirit at the very time Jesus is on earth baptizing?  Have we denied God by this teaching?  How can we believe in a Son, when we do not believe that the Son has a Father?