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Sex, Eve, Adam, and Steve

John Collins02/04/2013Long before teachings of Kaballah brought the false teaching of "Serpent's Seed" into Christianity, men traced earthly bloodlines thinking that the power of God was in the blood of a man.  Long genealogies of the Pharisees brought them great prestige, linking their blood to great men of old.  They failed to see that the Power of the Blood was soon coming in the future, because they were studying the blood of the past.  

Jesus Christ came through the bloodline of Bathsheeba, David's sinful mistake.  The Pharisees of the time would never have dreamed that Jesus would come from a "tainted" bloodline, yet God chose that bloodline for His Son.

"Serpent's Seed" is the false doctrine that the serpent had sex with Eve, and produced Cain.  Though the scriptures teach us that all mankind comes from the blood of one man, this pagan teaching of Kaballah has influenced powerful movements such as Hitler, Ku Klux Klan, and the William Branham cult called "The Message."

When these false teachers turn the focus of the Original Sin from disobeying God to having sexual intercourse, two very deceptive and harmful ideas are introduced:

If the original sin was sex, then sex itself must be bad.  Though God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply before Eve "ate the fruit," these false leaders teach their following that this "sin act" was sexual in nature.  Some, like William Branham, teach that Jesus had to come from a non-sexual method, because the sex was sinful.  

The other problem is that it detracts from the REAL sin: disobeying God.  If God had told eve not to step in the mud, and the original sin was stepping into filthy mud, that sin would have been just as great!

Ironically, these false leaders will skip over Song of Solomon in their sermons.  Followers are scared to touch the book, because the entire book is filled with!  Solomon and his bride are madly in love, and their desire for each other is very strong.  It is a direct example of how the Bride of Christ should be to Jesus Christ, we should be so full of love for Him that we daily long to be in the Word of God.

Song of Solomon 7 is an example of a chapter in the Bible that cult pastors will not touch in a single sermon.  In fact, out of the hundreds of recorded sermons by the false prophet William Branham, you will find almost no mention of this book of the Bible at all.

William Branham said that "beauty is of the devil," in his sermons, and that the women were becoming more beautiful.  Placing men under captivity and oppression by their natural desire for women, Branham taught that the women of the world were beautiful because this was "Satan's Eden," and not because of the real reason for their beauty -- God created them!

Song of Solomon 7 says that Solomon's wife was very beautiful.  Solomon says that her "rounded thighs are like jewels, the work of a master hand."  Solomon loved his bride, and loved every inch of her body.  

Branham brought a doctrine of teetotalism, just as the Gnostic Priscillianists did in the days of old.  Drinking in general was widely condemned -- except for communion.  While Branham claimed that this was a "Nazarite vow" to forbid drinking, he seemed to like breaking that vow once a month for the Lord's Supper.

Solomon was not this way.  As Solomon described his great love for his wife, he called her navel like a rounded bowl that was never lacking mixed wine!  Is this where "belly shots" came from?  Solomon loved the navel, and describes the taste of it.

Solomon describes the breasts of his bride like the fruit of a palm tree.  He described her body as long and slender, with two coconuts at the top, and he loved to play with them.  Solomon says that he would climb the palm tree and lay hold of its fruit.  

Yet, while reading this, many cult members will be greatly offended.  Though this book is in the same leather-bound Bible that they hold in their hands, it is a forbidden book of "pornography" to them, because their prophet taught so strongly against every word in the book!  This book described everything that the false prophet stood against -- beauty, sex, and women.  

Would this book would have been more accepted by William Branham if Solomon was describing a man in the bed chambers?

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Have we let a false prophet teach us that the beautiful creation God made for us comes from Satan?  Why did the men of Branham's day not stand up in defense for their wives when the false prophet said that Satan was the designer of women?  Is this not heresy?  Were the men in the congregation the type of men that would not stand up for their own wife against a liar speaking against them?  How many of those men would have also preferred the Song of Solomon to describe a man instead of a woman?