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John Collins2/4/2013 6:13:00 PMListening to PG's sermon about WMB's death on the Tucson Tabernacle, I caught something that has always puzzled me. (I must say that it is very strange listening to this sermon after being de-programmed, because he speaks with such an evangelical tone about every single aspect of the story as though his trip to the dying false prophet were coming directly from scripture, and plane tickets were sent from Almighty God.)

My grandfather, not the cult pastor, but the other one, saw a light fall from the heavens when he was travelling to WMB's funeral. This grandpa is not prone to exaggeration or lying, and my mother & grandmother also saw it. Had it been the cult pastor, I'd simply dismiss it as nonsense.

PG said that he saw "two stars fall." This would have been about a week before what Grandpa saw, and in another state.

There is a meteor shower called "Leonids" that is associated with the comet Tempel-Tuttle. Very large meteors were falling at the end of 1965, and then a huge shower came in november 1966. This would explain the strange lights...

PG Sermon: