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Paul Already Revealed The Mystery!

John Collins01/30/2013In Ephesians 3, Paul revealed a great Mystery to the church, one that had been hidden throughout the ages.

Before the Holy Spirit was poured out upon all flesh, in the days when God spoke to the people through His prophets, God spoke through them about many things to come.  They could see current events unfolding before their time, the coming Messiah, and even signs of the times we have to day.  They even foretold things that have not yet happened surrounding the End of Days.

But there was one thing that was hidden from all of the prophets in the Old Testament: The Body of Christ.

This was revealed to Paul, and Paul writes about it in Ephesians.  Paul said that this Mystery is that "the Gentiles are fellow heirs, members of the same body, and partakers of the promise in Christ Jesus through the Gospel."  This was the Church, the body of Christ.  Fellow heirs to the Jews, part of the same body, the same bride of Christ!  

Paul did not say that this mystery would be sealed back up, locked in hidden mystery for another time and another place.  In fact, Paul said that this was the reason that he was made a minister, by God's grace, to preach this revelation to the Gentiles that were now to become part of the same Body.

Cult leaders would like you to believe there is a greater mystery hidden, one that even Paul did not know about.  William Branham was no exception to this rule.

In a 1963 sermon, William Branham brought a message he called, "Christ is the mystery of God revealed."  Throughout this message, Branham describes the hidden mystery woven through time from the beginning of creation.  The message is very plain and simple: the body of Christ was hidden in mystery.  Branham is very correct in that statement, and had he stopped preaching at that point in the sermon, he would have aligned with Paul's message to the Church.

He did not.

Branham continued, telling his followers how the mystery still remained hidden.  He described how all of the other denominations missed it.  Some came very close throughout the time since the Apostle Paul, but they still could not see the Body of Christ.  Why?  Branham claimed that the Body of Christ was still hidden in mystery, and that God was preparing a "perfect bride."

This opposes Paul's ministry, proclaiming that the blood of the Cross is sufficient for all, and that all who believed in Jesus Christ would be saved.  In fact, were the two standing next to each other on a platform, Branham's denial of Paul's entire ministry would have certainly ended in a debate.  

Branham went so far as to say, "That's why they're blind to the Message of the end time, this last days when God is proving Himself."

His "message," at that point, replaced the message that Paul gave to the Church.  Branham was trying to make Paul's ministry obsolete, and replace the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the "gospel" that Branham called "the message."

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we stand for this heresy?  Do we follow men who preach against the message Paul gave to the church?  Do we follow a false prophet who claimed by false vision that "he preached the same message Paul preached," and all of his followers "were resting on that?"  Can we not see that his false message was a life-long argument against Paul's ministry?  Are we following the message of Paul, or are we following the "message" of William Branham?