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The Light (Not evening light) of the Gospel of Christ

John Collins01/20/2013Many people today take the Bible verse "Judge not lest ye be judged" completely out of context, taking our swords away from us in the battle for Christ.  By twisting the context of that verse, we let false prophets rise, false teachings flourish, and men with devious minds into power over our souls.

2 Corinthians 4 tells us the Truth that is found in God's Word, describing the Light (not evening light) of the Gospel.

Now, having the ministry of Christ by the mercy of God, we are not to lose our courage when facing false teachings and prophets with failed prophecy.  Paul says that we are to go forth renouncing these disgraceful and underhanded ways. 

We are to refuse their cunning, and refuse to tamper with God's word by taking it out of context.  We are to speak out against false prophets like William Branham who invented scriptures and took single verses as "his context" while taking the scripture out of the context the entire chapter.

Truth is the key.  Paul says we are to have an open statement of Truth, commending ourselves by being truthful before others in the sight of God.  Lying about childhood stories, spiritual clouds, FBI agents investigating a light from the ceiling we claim to be our halo does not fit Paul's bill.  Though false prophets may claim they teach the same "Gospel as Paul preached," they prove themselves false by their deeds.

The Gospel is not a hidden mystery as false prophets claim.  The Gospel is an open Gospel of Truth.  We can search the scriptures openly and find God's word proving the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Paul said that even if it were hidden, it would only be hidden to those who are already perishing.  In their case, the god of this world has blinded them from seeing the light of the Gospel.

What we proclaim is not of ourselves, but for Jesus Christ.  He is our Lord, and we are His servants.  God said, "Let light shine out of darkness," and we are to do just that.  Where there is false doctrine, false teaching, and false prophets who have deceived millions, we are to let our light shine constantly through the darkness.  We are to point people to the Bible, which is the only Word of Truth, giving glory to God in our service for Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Are we a light in the darkness?  When we find places where "the prophet" lied to us, do we show the truth, or do we hide it from others and spread the darkness?  Are we afraid to denounce these disgraceful and underhanded ways as Paul told us, or do we take up the sword of God's Word and cut through the lies and deceit?  Are we good servants for Christ?