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Meet Our New Leader!

John Collins01/11/2013We have had several people contact us through our forum, our Facebook page, private email, and phone who have started their journey away from the Message after learning that it is filled with so many fictional stories and false teaching.  At the beginning of their journey, almost ask the same question: "Where do we go from here?  If William Branham was a false prophet, then who will be our leader?"

To any who've been in a cult, whether it is the Branham cult, the Jehovah's Witnesses, Latter-day Saints, or more, it is a difficult question to process.  When your entire life has been focused on a man as the filter for your Bible, then taking away that filter gives you a feeling of helplessness.  Centuries ago, after King James gave readable translations of the Bible into the hands of the common people, they had the same uneasy feeling.  "Can we really handle the Word of God for ourselves, without being filtered by the priest?"

We have to remember the words of Jesus in John 16.  

The very first Christians were faced with the same question, and Jesus knew that it would be unsettling.  More unsettling even than today, because the first followers of Christ were following Him at a time when He was still alive and walking upon the earth.  When He left this world to go to the Father, I'm certain that the Christians had the very same question within them: "Where do we go from here?  Who will lead us?"

Jesus gave them full description of their new Leader, not just for the small period of time for the lives of the men and women walking with Him, but from then until the End of Days.  He said that He did not give them all of the sayings because He was with them on the earth, because He was soon going to the Father that sent Him.  He knew that their hearts would be filled with sorrow.

But Jesus said they should not be concerned about His leaving.  He said that the Truth was that his leaving was to their advantage!  It was His very leaving, His death upon the cross for our salvation, that empowered us.  We are now equal to every cult leader, every apostle, every prophet, every man that walks the face of this earth, because of what was coming.

Jesus said that when He went, He would send us a Helper.  The Holy Spirit was coming, and we will be guided in Truth.

We will not be led by fictional stories by a cult leader who deceived hundreds of thousands with fake stories, by a prophet with false prophecy, by a teacher with teaching that conflicts with the Bible.  We are guided by the Spirit of Truth.  He now guides us into all Truth.

Jesus said that even the Spirit does not speak on His own authority.  He speaks to our hearts, telling us the things that are to come, and guiding us as we go through life.  Jesus said that the Holy Spirit comes to glorify Christ.

He said that the Holy Spirit will take the things that were His, and declare them to us.  All that the Father has was His, and therefore, all that Christ has would be declared to us!

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Have we accepted the Gift that Jesus gave us?  Are we led by the Holy Spirit, or have we chosen a mortal man as our guide?  Are we guided by the Spirit of Truth, or are we guided by fictional stories by a false prophet?  Are we listening to our hearts, which are guided by the Holy Spirit, or are we listening to a false prophet, who was instead guided by an "angel?"  Have we accepted our new Leader?