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The Son, The Archangel, And The Evening Light

John Collins01/06/2013Our study of the "Evening Light" focuses on the role Michael the Archangel will play during the End of Days.

Not much is said about Michael in the Bible, and because of the mystery surrounding this powerful angel, some cult leaders have claimed that Michael is Jesus Christ Himself.  Charles Taze Russell of the Jehovah's Witnesses taught his following that Michael was the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.  William Branham taught his following the same.

If we examine Daniel 10 closely, however, we find that there is a distinction between the two as it relates to the end times.  Daniel's terrifying vision of the man was a vision of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The battle in heaven was already in full force, and the Son of Man was raging war against the prince of Persia.  On earth, Daniel had been in mourning and for three weeks.

Standing on the Tigris river with his companions, Daniel entered into the vision.  The men with Daniel did not see the things that Daniel saw, but just looking at the effect that the vision had on Daniel's body was enough to strike fear into their hearts.  Daniel's companions fled when they saw Daniel's body transforming before their very eyes, changing his radiant appearance into something fearful to look upon.  

Daniel saw a Man clothed in linen.  His body was eery blue like the translucent beryl stones, His face like lightning.  The Man's eyes were like flaming torches, with a powerful and burning gaze.  His arms and legs shone like light reflecting on bronze, and when He spoke, it sounded like the voices of a large multitude of people. Through fear and weakness, Daniel fell on his face in the sand and passed into a deep sleep. 

The Man's touch sent Daniel struggling to arise, on his hands and knees.  But when the Man spoke, Daniel was instantly able to arise.  The Man said, "O Daniel, man greatly loved, understand the words that I speak to you, and stand upright, for now I have been sent to you."

Through the heat of the Battle, Jesus heard the words of Daniel and knew of his devotion to God.  The Man said that from the very first day that Daniel decided to learn the things of God and humble himself to be fully focused towards God, He had heard the words that Daniel spoke.  The Man said that he had came because of those words, which were righteous. 

The Man said that he was at war with the Prince of Persia, and there was none to help Him.  He raged war against the prince until Michael the Archangel was able to come and assist.  Now, and because of Daniel's devotion to God, He was here to tell Daniel what would happen at the End of Days.

As He spoke these words, the Man transformed into the form of a human.  Daniel looked upon the face of a man.

The Man touched Daniel, and strengthened him in his time of mourning.  Though he was weak from hunger and fasting, the Man touched him and his strength returned.  The Man told Daniel to be of good courage, and go with peace.  Daniel cried out, "Lord, you have strengthened me," and the Man said, "Did you not know why I came?" 

The Man said that he was returning to continue war against the Prince of Persia.  When he left, the prince of Greece would also come.  But he was here to tell Daniel to hold fast to the words described in the Book of Truth.  He said that there was none who fought on His side against these kingdoms except Michael the Archangel, his prince.  

The Man went on to describe the kingdoms of this earth that would rise and fall.  One after another, kingdom after kingdom, great nations would come and go.  Daniel's people would see the signs of the kingdoms and think that the time was drawing near, but in their attempt to fulfill this vision, they would realize that the time was not yet.  All the way unto the End of Days.

Just as John the Revelator, Isaiah, and Zechariah all prophesied, the Man told Daniel that the last kingdom in power would enter the Holy City, Jerusalem.  Tens of thousands would fall at his hand, but they would be delivered.  A greater power was going to rise against him to deliver God's children.

The Man said that Michael the Archangel was the prince that would be in charge of Daniel's people.  When Michael comes, there would be a trouble, a tribulation like the world has never seen.  The Man described the same Great Tribulation that all of the prophets of old described, and how that even the dead would rise from the grave to be judged. 

Suddenly, two others stood before Daniel and the Man.  These two were anxious to begin, asking "My Lord, how long shall it be until the end of these wonders?"  These two are likely the "two witnesses" described in the Book of Revelation.

Daniel wanted to understand more, but the Man said that these things were shut up and sealed until the end time.  He said that the pure would remain holy and the wicked would continue to act wickedly.  None of the wicked would understand these things at the end time, but the wise would understand. 

The abomination that makes desolation would come.  Those who remain wicked will go down with abomination.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Why did we follow a prophet who claimed Michael the angel was the Lord Jesus Christ?  Were we actually serving satan, who tries to exalt angels?  Why did we follow a prophet who claimed the "Mosque of Omar" was the "Abomination of Desolation," when none of these signs of the times were present when he said it?  Did he not know that these things were sealed until the end?  

If the Man were to come today and examine our hearts, would he find us wise like Daniel, hungering for the things of God and humbling himself to be righteous?  Or would he find us like the false prophets, boastful and prideful not knowing the scriptures?  

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