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Evening Light Upon The Ashes Of The Wicked

John Collins01/05/2013Our study of the "Evening Light" moves to the book of Isaiah.

Isaiah 1 confirms Revelation 17, calling Jerusalem a "whore" for her constant fall to idolatry.  Isaiah foretells the time that the mighty city of Israel will look to the enemies to get relief from the coming tribulation, and calls the city "unfaithful."  Like Nebuchadnezzar's dream  in Daniel 2 of the ten toes which represent the city joined together with the unclean, Isaiah confirms that Jerusalem will be joined together with the enemy.

As Revelation 17 describes the burning of the city with fire, Isaiah says that Jerusalem will be ashamed for using so much wood in the city.  All of the wood, dry from the drought described in Zechariah 14, will become a spark of fire that will burn the clean and the unclean together.  God will wipe the city clean with fire.

Isaiah 2 says that when the last days come, Mount Zion, the location of the Holy Temple, will be exalted.  The chapter confirms Zechariah 14, describing the time when all will go to the Temple Mount to worship God, which Zechariah says will be because of the extreme drought and plagues caused by the two witnesses of Revelation 11 and described in Isaiah 3.

Finally, in Isaiah 5, we find the beginning of the story of the "Evening Light."  Jerusalem is torn.  Humbled by lack of food, humbled by lack of water, looking to their enemies for help, and relying upon the wicked just to stay alive.

This chapter goes into greater detail of what we find in Revelation 11, when the wrath of God purges the wicked from the city.  John the Revelator compares the city symbolically to "Sodom," which was completely obliterated for their wickedness, and Isaiah describes the same for Jerusalem.  Travelling by vision alone from house to house through Jerusalem, Isaiah sees desolation.  Such beautiful houses, all without a single person inside!  Acres and acres of vineyards producing almost no fruit, and empty fields from the drought caused by the two witnesses.

Those that do not flee to the mountains lie dead.  A tenth of the city falls, according to Revelation 11, and Isaiah calls this "Sheol's appetite."  

Isaiah says that some will stay back to watch the destruction.  There will be men preaching falsehood, calling the counsel of Israel together to watch the fall of the city.  But those people call evil good and good evil.  They stay behind for God's purpose: to cleanse the holy city of Jerusalem.

As tongues of fire devour the stubble and dry grass falls to the flame, Isaiah says that the fire will consume the city.  The men that stay behind will become ashes under the soles of God's feet because they rejected the Holy One, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  As Zechariah 14 describes, the Hand of God will cause the mountains to quake as the anger of the Lord strikes them down.  

Where the carcasses lie, the corpses of the wicked, the eagles, vultures, and other birds of prey will gather to pick the flesh from the bones.  Isaiah describes the refuse of corpses lying in the streets, and still God's wrath has not let up.  As the dead bodies lie in the streets, the Hand of God will call all nations from the ends of the earth to come, and they will come quickly.  God will cause darkness to fall upon the land, and the nations of the earth will stamp out the rest of the wicked.  Isaiah compares it to the most powerful animals:  horses with hooves like flint, wheels as fast as the whirlwind, loud machines like the sound of a lion, all growling and seizing their prey.

Isaiah 13 tells why the Hand of the Lord was still outstretched; there was more work to be done.  Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17 and Daniel 2 must be destroyed.  

Jerusalem is barren.  Isaiah says, "On a bare hill, raise a signal."  God has summoned mighty men to execute his anger against the wicked.  Kingdoms and nations gather for war against them, and both from distant lands and from the heavens God will destroy all that remains.

Babylon, worshipper of the sun, moon, and stars, will have nothing to worship; all will be taken down.  The sun will be dark at its rising, and the moon will have no reflection to cast.  The heavens and earth will tremble, and the earth will be shaken from its orbit.

As Zechariah says, the city of Jerusalem will be plundered.  Wives that remain will be ravished.  The army against them will show no mercy, not even to the children still in the womb.  Babylon will become so completely obliterated that none will dwell there for all generations.  

In that day, Israel will reap the reward.

Isaiah 14 tells us that after Babylon has fallen, after the nations have defeated the wicked, Israel will return.  Those that once held Israel captive providing for them during the famine will now be slaves to Israel.  The whole earth will be at peace and rest!  

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do our "Evening Light" preachers tell you they are preaching about the time when rotting corpses of the wicked lay in the streets of Jerusalem?  Do they claim their "Evening Light" is feeding upon what the "eagles" are feeding on, which is the decaying flesh of those destroyed by God's wrath?  Do they tell you that at the "Evening time" the light is for the redeemed, when we find the prophets of the Old Testament telling us that God's wrath will strike once more to cleanse the wicked from the Holy City?  Do we find false teachers pointing to other nations for the coming Great and Terrible Day, when all of the prophets specifically name Jerusalem?  Are these "Evening Light" ministries purposed by Satan to deceive the nations and try to prevent his impending doom?  Or are they just deceiving us for no reason at all?