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William Marrion Branham - The Holy Daily Horoscope

John Collins12/30/2012 10:07:00 PMWant to know why Branham changes his numbers and his dates? Want to see why the wild-crazy statistics, like "80% of children in Arizona schools are mentally deficient?" all makes sense once you realize that there is a pattern to the craziness!


Many have wondered in amazement at the numbers William Branham used - not only how they do not match from sermon-to-sermon, but how inaccurate they are used in his application of the number itself. Even his own birthdate does not match by his own accounts!

Quotes from Branham such as "Eighty percent of babies born to smoking mothers die," or "Eighty percent of children in Arizona schools suffer a mental deficiency," or "there were five hundred ushers in the auditorium" shock the followers at first, and then excuses are made to support the inaccurate quote.

At the same time, strange teachings are woven through his sermons, such as "the first Bible was the Zodiac," or how the name-numerology of the names "Ricky" and "Elvis" are evil. All the while, Branham seems to be picking and choosing a "verse" as his "context" for the sermon instead of an entire chapter to gain the actual context from scripture. How could a man who teaches Christ, some wonder, teach numerology from ancient pagan Hindu and Buddhist religions?

The answer is simple: William Branham was born under a sign. He even told us so.