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The Evening Light of Destruction

John Collins12/29/2012 8:46:00 AMZechariah 14 tells about the "Evening Light," God's reminder that there will be light at the end of the tunnel after the time of destruction.

Many songs have been written about the "Evening Light", such as "It shall be light about the evening time, the path to glory we shall surely find," and many churches have sprung up around the world calling themselves "Evening Light Fellowship" or "Evening Light Church".

Even cult leaders have risen, claiming that they are the "Evening Light Messenger." William Branham, for instance, claimed Zechariah 14:7 applied to his ministry. Charles Taze Russell claimed it applied to his ministry in a publication called "Jehovah's Footstool Made Glorious." John Alexander Dowie called his city "Zion," applying it to his ministry and trying to move the location of Armageddon.

The strange part about this is that if they knew what they were saying, they would quickly change the name and rip the pages from the songbooks.

Zechariah describes a day that is coming, one when the spoil will be divided before our very eyes. God will gather all the nations against Israel to battle, and the city of Jerusalem will be taken. Within Jerusalem, the houses will be plundered and the women will be raped. Half of the city will be exiled, but the other half will remain in the city. Though cult leaders have applied the "Evening Light" to their ministry, many have been dead and gone without witnessing even the first verse of Zechariah 14 during their life span.

Zechariah 14:3-4 describes how God will come on the scene. Once the city is taken, God Himself will fight against the nations that rose up against Israel. Zechariah says that God's feet will stand upon the Mount of Olives to the east of Jerusalem, and the mount itself will be split in half from east to west. Half of the Mount will move northward, and the other half will move southward.

It is evident that cult leaders, pastors, and evangelists who applied Zechariah 14:7 to their ministry have not fully read the scriptures before choosing the name. God has not shown Himself on the Mount of Olives, and the mount itself has not been split in two.

When Mount Olives is split, Zechariah describes how Jerusalem will flee into the valley that is created. That valley will reach all the way into a place Zechariah describes as "Azal." The people will flee quickly as they fled from the great earthquakes in the day of Uzziah, king of Judah.

Once they've fled and the city of Jerusalem is emptied, God's power and might will be displayed before all mankind. Zechariah says that after this, "The Lord my God will come and all the holy ones with Him."

Finally, we come to Zechariah 14:7, which cult leaders apply to their ministry. But Zechariah does not describe this as an "age," or as a "time" or as any span of days, this is a single day that is unique. There will be no light, no cold, no frost. Neither day nor night will be present on the Earth.

But Zechariah gives hope in time of trouble. Though the entire earth will tremble in fear having seen God come down to earth, the mountains split, the sun refusing to shine, and the temperature warming, Zechariah says not to worry: It shall be light at the evening time.

The rest of Zechariah 14 describes God's vengeance on those that rose against Israel. Just as we find that none of the events prior to Zechariah 14:7 have happened before the ministries of the cult leaders, we also find that none of the events afterward have happened since their death.

Water does not flow from Jerusalem, half going to the eastern sea and the other half flowing to the western sea. Summer will grow cold like winter. God will be King over all the earth. The land will be flattened, from Geba about 5 1/2 miles north of Jerusalem to Rimmon about 13 miles south of the West Bank. Jerusalem will be under God's protection.

Plagues will strike all who raged war against Jerusalem. Their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet. Panic will strike these nations to the point that they will all join together to help each other. Even Judah, which is now the southern part of Israel itself, will fight at Jerusalem. All of the surrounding nations will fall to plague, and every animal from least to greatest will be infected.

Anyone who survives these plagues will be turned to God. One year later, they will go to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of Hosts, the Almighty God. They will travel to participate in the "Feast of Booths," or "Feast of Tabernacles," which is a holiday September through October celebrating with meals that have been storied up for the celebration. The survivors will come looking for food.

Those who do not celebrate will not have food. There will be no rain on the surrounding nations, and famine will strike. The plague will strike harshly as punishment, and those who do not travel to Jerusalem to celebrate will endure the plague.

The celebration that takes place will be fully dedicated to God. On the bells of horses, on the pots and bowls, and everywhere to be seen will be inscribed "Holy unto the Lord." All who join in the celebration can eat of the meat in the pots, and there will be no trade required to participate. Everyone may come and eat freely in the celebration of God!

As Christians, we should ask ourselves: Are we an "Evening Light" follower? Have we followed some strange evening light that is not described in the Bible? Is it possible we have been following Satan, who disguises himself as a bright light? Or are we looking to the great day when the Lord will come sit on the Mount of Olives and place himself upon the throne? Are we looking for the events before and after Zechariah 14:7, or have we been blinded to see only the single verse?