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Ahhh, The Imagination Of A Two-Year-Old

John Collins12/26/2012 7:35:00 AMBelieve The Sign's facebook page asked a question that uncovered a huge fallacy with the bridge.
William Branham's bridge vision does not match with recorded history. Some people have told us that this is because he saw the vision as a child, and he didn't remember things exactly when he retold the story years later.

Blaming the problems with the Bridge vision on the passing of time is an uncomfortable argument for two reasons. First, it does not stay with the tapes. Second, it brings into question the accuracy of all of William Branham's visions that occurred before the tape recordings started.

For example, William Branham said that the bridge vision occurred two weeks after a voice spoke to him from a tree. If the facts of the bridge vision distorted over time, how do you know that the instruction of the "voice from the tree" didn't also distort over time?

Here are both stories told together:

"At the age of about seven years old, I was packing water one day from a well. And I passed by a tree. I was weeping. I didn't want to pack the water. I wanted to go fishing with the rest of the children. But when I heard something in the tree, like the roaring of a wind, I looked up. I seen nothing but just a place in the tree about that big around, roaring around...and none of the rest of the leaves were shaking. And I heard a voice of a Man up there, said, "Don't never drink. Don't drink, and don't never smoke, or defile yourself with women, for there is a work for you to do when you get older." Oh, I was scared. I dropped my bucket, and I ran to the house, screaming. And I jumped in my mother's arms. And she... I said there's a Man in that tree. They went down to look: nobody there. They called the doctor, and he said I was just nervous. I said--I said, "No, I seen, and I heard him speak." And I never would go by that tree. A little later on, about two weeks later I was playing marbles with my brother, and I felt something come to me. We lived up on a hill, and the river was below us: a wilderness around. And I saw a bridge come up out of the wilderness. And it started across the river. Sixteen men dropped off in--into the water and perished. And I seen a big sign, it said "twenty-two years." I run in and told my mother.
(My Life Story, Zurich, Switzerland, June 26, 1955)

Solomon said, "The simple believes every word: but the prudent man looks well where he is going." Proverbs 14:15

--BelieveTheSign Facebook Page

Many people are familiar with WMB's statements about the tree. Never drink, never smoke. Later chewing tobacco was added. How he'd move to New Albany.

Census records show WMB moving to New Albany before age three. That would place this vision coming to him at age two according to this quote combined with census records:
"And then, coming down through there, came a Voice. Now, remember, friends, this Bible lays open before me when I say this. Now, whether it come from the bird, from the tree, I was just a laddie boy, and didn't know. I cannot say. God knows. I do not. But a Voice spoke to me, that *****I was going to live near a city called New Albany. And about a year from then******, or less than a year, my father came to Indiana, and we've lived within four miles now, and I've been raised within four miles of New Albany, Indiana." -- 52-0713A

If you had a two-year-old son that prophesied about a bridge that fell, would you believe him? When you found out he got the wrong bridge, would you still believe him? When you found out it was for a bridge that was built before he was born, would you still believe him? ....a countless number did!

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