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John Collins12/25/2012 9:44:00 AMThis topic came up in one of the private forums, but is worthy of discussion on here as well.

William Branham gave a crazy story of the reason for his baldness -- one that I wondered about even when I was brainwashed.
I was young, too. And I... And losing my hair as a young man, putting carbolic acid on it, a barber did, and took it all out when I was just a boy; and it's been always a kind of a thing to me, that I--I--I get a cold so quick, because that my scalp's still soft, you know, and the roots of the hair is still there, but it was burnt by carbolic acid, and the hair can never grow.

To the uneducated, this sounds like an awful fate. To a person who has learned that practically every word that proceeds out of the mouth of 'the prophet' is hogwash, it's comical that carbolic acid is a chemical used in mouthwash. ...or mouth spray, rather, Chloraseptic. It is the active ingredient of this and other anti-bacterial washes.

Carbolic acid is a light acid that only irritates the skin -- and then only after repeated usage in large amounts. WMB would have practically had to dunk his head in it for several hours to get inflamed, not just a casual spill.

It also is easily subdued with application of liquid -- even water. Just wash it away.