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Power In The Name of Jesus

John Collins12/19/2012Mark 9 shows us the power that is in the Name of Jesus.

When the disciples were unable to heal a boy with an evil spirit, a great crowd surrounded them to see if Jesus would perform a miracle.  The scribes began arguing, and Jesus asked what the argument was about.

The father of the child told Jesus about the boy, and how the disciples were not able.  Jesus rebuked the crowd, saying, "O faithless generation, how long am I able to be with you?  How long am I to bear with you?  Bring him to me!"

Just the sight of Jesus made the spirit start convulsing in the child.  Jesus asked the father how long the boy had been afflicted, and the father replied that the child had suffered from childhood.  He asked Jesus if there was any way that He could help.

Jesus responded in amazement: "If you can!"  Jesus told the man that all things were possible for one who believes.

Immediately, the father of the child cried out, "I believe!  Help thou my unbelief!"

Jesus rebuked the spirit, and commanded it to leave the child never to return into him again.  The child began convulsing violently, and then lay still as though he were dead.  Jesus took him by the hand, lifted him up, and the child arose.

Afterwards, the disciples discussed the event with Jesus in private.  They asked why they were not able to cast the spirit out.  Jesus replied that the spirit, which had taken strong hold in the child for many years, could only be driven out by prayer.  The hold was so strong that only God had the power to release the spirit and free the child.

Later, the disciples found that someone else in the city was casting out demons in the Name of Jesus.  They tried to stop him, because he was not a follower of Christ.  Though the man was an unbeliever, just the Name of Jesus was so powerful that the demons fled.

Jesus responded that they should not stop him from fighting against the demons.  Though the man was not a Christian, he was attacking the enemy.  Jesus said that the one who is not against us is for us.

The scriptures consistently speak of the power that is in the Name of Jesus.  His Name is so powerful that even those who do not believe can use His Name and do mighty works.  The Bible continually gives examples showing the power, and then giving the warning.  Not everyone using that power has the same intentions.

Matthew 7 gives the warning that not everyone that proclaims that Jesus is Lord and does mighty miracles in His Name will enter the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus warned the people of false prophets, saying they were ravenous wolves in sheeps' clothing.  

He did not say we would immediately recognize a false prophet.  Jesus warned that we would only know them by the fruits they produced.  Every tree bears fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit.

Jesus said that when these false prophets come face to face with judgement, and asked the, "Did we not prophesy in your Name, cast out demons in your Name, and do mighty works in your Name?"

Their fate is clear.  Jesus said that these wolves in sheeps' clothing would be condemned.  He will declare to them, "Depart from me, I never knew you."  They were workers of lawlessness.

By the same token, those who keep God's Word will be like a wise man who built his house on a rock.  Though the rain falls, the floods come, and the winds blow, the house that is built on the Rock of God's Word will stand secure.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves: Have we built our house on the Rock of God's Word, or have we built our house on the sinking sand of a false prophet?  Though he could heal thousands by the Name of Jesus, have we considered the fact that none of his prophecy came to pass?  Though the false prophet came forward crying, "Lord, Lord," and taught doctrines contrary to God's Word, do we stand with the contradiction, or do we choose the Word over the false prophet?  Have we chosen the power that is in the Name of Jesus, or the weakness that is in the name of the prophet?