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Fully Embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

John Collins12/16/2012Zechariah 10 foretells of the restoration for Judah and Israel.

Zechariah says that all we need do is ask when we are in need, and God will provide.  He says to ask for rain from the Lord in the season of rain, and the God who makes the storm clouds will give showers of rain to everyone for the vegetation in the field.  

Idols have no power to provide, Zechariah says.  They utter complete nonsense and their diviners see lies.  They tell false visions and give empty consolation.  The people that follow these false religions wander like sheep, afflicted for lack of a shepherd.

God's wrath is kindled, but not against the followers.  God's anger is against the leaders.  Zechariah says that it is the leaders that will be punished, not the flock.  God's anger is against the shepherds, but God cares for His flock.

Zechariah foretold of the coming of Christ.  He said that from Judah will come the cornerstone.  He will be the tent peg, the secure anchor holding the tent against the raging storm.  He will be the battle bow, fighting the opposing enemy.  Those with Christ will be like mighty men in battle, trampling their foe in the mud of the streets, because God is with them.  They shall put the enemy to shame.

Through Zechariah, God says that he will strengthen the house of Judah and save the house of Joseph.  He will bring them back to Him, because he has compassion on them.  He is their God, and He will answer them.  Ephraim will become like a mighty warrior, and their hearts will be glad as if they had been filled with wine.  Their children will see it and be glad, and their hearts will rejoice in the Lord.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we rejoice in the Savior that was sent?  Do we embrace His power to trample the enemy, exposing the lies of the false visions and lies of the diviners?  Or do we wander like sheep, afflicted by lack of a shepherd?  Have we fully embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

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