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Those Who Proclaim The Gospel Without Sincerity

John Collins12/12/2012Philippians 1 tells us how not everyone who proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ does so because they believe it, but God has His hand in everything to ensure His children are led of the Spirit.

Paul said that the trials he faced during his imprisonment had been instrumental in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So instrumental that it had in fact been spread throughout the entire imperial guard and to many, many more people.  

The best part is that through his imprisonment, others were no longer afraid to speak the Word of Truth.  They could now boldly proclaim the Gospel without fear.

Not all were sincere, however.  Paul said that some indeed preached Christ out of envy and rivalry.  They proclaimed Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely but with other motives.  Some even did it out of spite, trying to create a rise out of the people and cause more affliction to Paul in his imprisonment.

But he said there were also those who proclaimed the Gospel out of love, truly hoping, believing, and knowing that the Love of Christ would save the lost.  Those people knew that Paul was put into his position for the defense of the Gospel.

Paul was not at all concerned about the people who spread the Gospel with ill intent or with selfish motives.  Though their hearts were not in the right place, all was working according to God's perfect plan.  Paul said, "In every way, whether or in pretense or in Truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice."

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Are we spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or some other gospel?  Do we think that all men who spread the Gospel are sincere?  Do we even follow some of these insincere men who have selfish motives rather than following the Christ that they proclaim?  Have we followed their selfish intent instead of following the One that leads us to Salvation?  Is it time to start following Christ?