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Mary Ella Branham

John Collins12/9/2012 9:54:00 PMLETTER OF APOLOGY

To all,

At Seek Ye The Truth, we will not keep anything public that we find to be false or questionable. There are things we get right, and things we get wrong, but our motive is still this: Seek The Truth.

Mary Ella Branham, who we enjoyed entertaining this morning and afternoon, had many insights about the Branham family that took years for people around the world to uncover. She had special insights that only a family member would know, and knew many things that confirmed our research.

That being said, Mary has a questionable reputation. We do not feel that her testimony can be used as expert witness, and therefore are removing today's posts and excluding her facts from all upcoming publications. If the source is not trustworthy then the publication is also not trustworthy.

There are also many things that we discussed that already have sufficient evidence, and are either already in a publication or will be in an upcoming publication.