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We Must Persevere With Faith, Prayer, and Love!

John Collins12/07/2012Jude 1 encourages us to persevere.  

Jude reminds the church that the apostles had warned them that there would be scoffers who would not focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ that they received.  Not having the Holy Spirit, these men would try to divide the church with their own ungodly passions.

Jude says that the way we must conquer these ungodly men was with faith, prayer, and love.  While the doctrines of men may cause divisions, faith in Jesus Christ combined with prayer and love can bring men together!  Jude says to keep ourselves steadfast in the love of Jesus Christ, continually waiting for His mercy.

He says that this combination of faith, prayer, and love is the way that leads to eternal life!  We should have mercy and patience with those who do not fully believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, saving them from hell fires with faith, prayer, and love.  

Jude says to "snatch them out of the fire" with love if you can.  Others, save them by fear of what sin brings.  Jude compares it to hating the 
chiton, or the underneath garment that touches the flesh.  Just like wretched rags, our sin is filthy and deserving of death.  But Christ offers salvation through His Blood which is sufficient for all!

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we heed Jude's advice to continue in faith, prayer, and love?  Do we love people into the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or do we try to badger them into the faith by condemnation?  Or are we the ones who have accepted some other gospel, and causing the divisions?  Does our prayer and faith lie fully in Jesus Christ, which produces love, or do we mistakenly think that to get to Christ you must go through some other man -- which produces divisions?  Are we the ones snatching others out of the fire, or are we the ones desperately needing to be snatched?