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Buy The Free Books!!!

John Collins11/28/2012 9:51:00 AMBuy The FREE Books!

It has been said by some preachers and even posted by a argumentative person on our Facebook page that we started this site for monetary gain, which would be humorous were you to compare our combined total incomes for any year against one year of theirs. Nothing could be more opposite from the truth.

We want you to download the free books, like thousands of people already have. But unfortunately, not everyone has access to the internet. Others simply like to read either a hardcopy or on their preferred digital devices.

For this reason, we offer the books on the Kindle store for digital readers and in Amazon books for those who prefer hardcopies. Neither of these marketplaces offer free books except during special promotions, which we have signed up for as often as Amazon will allow.

So there is no question in anyone's mind behind our motives, and so that all can openly see that we do this only to spread the Truth as far and as wide and as quickly as possible, we've taken screenshots of the pricing pages for a Kindle book and a Amazon paperback.


The Kindle store allows a minimum price of $.99 per digital book. We have set the pricing in other countries to automatically adjust itself based on the current currency rates to maintain the minimum cost. This does produce a very small royalty, which is applied to our hosting fees for the web servers. To date, the royalties collected have not yet reached .0001% of the hosting fees, which means expenses still remain greater than profit.


Amazon Paperback

Amazon paperback pricing is based on the number of pages, the size of the file, the colors and images in the file, and other factors. Prices vary based on printing cost, and we have chosen the minimum in each category, which gives us $0.00 royalties.