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Good Evening, Friends

John Collins11/27/2012 10:18:00 AMPeter and I were discussing yesterday, and are in the same opinion. If you were to take WMB's ministry as a whole, then cut out all the parts that were either copied from someone else or fictitious, you would be shocked at what you find.

If you removed all of the prophecies that were 'prophesied' after the event happened and changed drastically over time to mold themselves to history. If you were to take all of the teachings he got from Charles Taze Russel, John Alexander Dowie, and Joseph Smith, all of the studies from Clarence Larkin and Scofield. If you were to remove all of the sermons he heard from Billy Graham's radio broadcasts and CW Franklin's ministry, and the teachings he overheard while Ern Baxter did the preaching. If you were to remove all of the hunting stories and self-promotion. Remove all of the mangled bible quotes that are taken out of context to point to himself. Erase all of the fictitious life stories and multiple 'commission' stories copied from other deceivers of the past. Throw out the 'one-liners' of single bible verses that were used to 'take a context' for a sermon. What would you have?

I am of the opinion that we'd be left with: "Good evening, friends!"