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The Magic of Eighty Percent

John Collins11/21/2012 10:24:00 PMWilliam Branham loved statistics - and he didn't care if they were correct or not. It held audiences captivated by his "special insight."

His favorite percentage was "eighty." When in doubt, "eighty" will fit most every situation.

Here are some examples of Branham's statistical analysis, broken into categories:

The Eighty Percent Suffering Mental Problems

Feeling the pressure when nervous people come to this platform, there's a least, right now in this building, eighty percent of what's setting here is nervous, afflicted with nervous trouble. (53-0509)

There's just about eighty percent of that congregation got your trouble. You want me to show you? How many in this building suffers with nervous trouble, just a nervous condition, raise up your hands, all around, everywhere. See? (53-1106)

Just about eighty percent of this audience is got your trouble. You're nervous, upset. (53-1206E)

About eighty percent of this audience is suffering with the same thing. It's just coming from all out there. Let me show you. Turn your face this a way. How many out there is suffering with nervousness? (54-0220)

How many of you--of you out there, that's suffering with a nervous condition, raise your hands. I just want to show you. Pretty near eighty percent of the audience. (58-0510)

There's eighty percent of this audience suffering with the same thing you are. You've got a nervous condition, very, very bad. (59-0419E)

Come lady. There's about eighty percent of this audience suffering with the same thing, lady. Let me show you. All you out there that's plagued with nervousness, raise up your hand, everybody. (61-0318)

Say, "Brother Branham, I'm bothered with nervousness." Oh, there is about eighty percent of you with that. (64-0207)

The Mentally Unstable From Arizona

They made an analysis throughout Arizona, where I live, of all the schools. They gave the children, unknowingly to them, a mental test. And guess what? Including high schools and--and grammar schools, there was eighty percent of the children suffering with mental deficiency. (65-0424)

I told you the other day, they was taking an analysis there of the schools in Arizona where I live, and eighty percent of the children in school is mentally retarded. (65-0425)

Eighty percent of the children in Arizona schools are suffering with mental deficiency, sixty-seven percent of them was by looking at television. (65-0911)

Sick Headcount

Now, in the meetings, there's somewhat about seventy to eighty percent that passes through the prayer line, you here, that's healed within the space of ninety days, are well. (48-0304 )

Oh, my. Eighty percent of the people are sick now. (50-0110)

Babies of Smoking Mothers

Statistics shows by doctors, I believe, that eighty percent of the women that has children that smoke cigarettes, if they'd raise their baby like they should, to the breast, in eighteen months it dies. (50-0200)

It's nicotine poisoning will kill the baby 'fore it's eighteen months old. Eighty percent of them die. (50-0813E)

And they claim that eighty percent of the women that has their babies today can't raise them as mothers ought to. (51-0415A)

Doctors' statistics prove that eighty percent of the children if they're breast raised children, die when they're eighteen months age with nicotine poison (51-0722A)

When I get statistics from the government, shows that eighty percent of the babies that's born has to be raised on cows milk. (53-1108A)

Eighty percent of the mothers that give birth to babies in this United States, cigarette smoking mothers, they can't raise their babies as they should to their breasts; they have to give them the bottle because they take nicotine poison and never reach eighteen months of age. (57-0727)

I've got a statistics that shows that, I believe it's about eighty percent of cigarette smoking mothers, has to raise their babies on bottles. (59-0412A)

I get statistics from the government. It says that eighty percent of the mothers that smoke cigarettes has to put their babies on cows' milk if they smoke. (60-0724)

So today when a woman smokes cigarettes, statistics shows that her baby dies, eighty percent of them within eighteen months from nicotine poison. (61-0226)

Healing Accuracy

You'll find out that at least sixty to eighty percent of every sick person in this building will be healed in the next hour. (50-0405)

I'm expecting God to heal at least sixty or eighty percent of the people in here tonight, perfectly well before this service is over. (50-0405)

You just let seventy or eighty percent of what I pray for tonight be back tomorrow night testifying it's--of a results that's happened to them, I'll go forward in faith, Lord, believing that I am moving according to Your will. (51-0503)

And I'll say this with all my heart, that at least eighty percent of them were healed 'fore they even got to where I was at. (62-0722)


But I say that eighty percent of the people that comes to the platform, doesn't know what faith is. (51-0729E)

I find that about eighty percent of the people that say they believe possess hope instead of faith. (52-0725)

If we had the whole world gathered tonight and Christ was to come here and perform, there'd be at least eighty percent of them go away and say, "I don't believe it." (56-0406)

No, I'm speaking of the general public (See?), all around, like Chicago in whole, we'd say, or--or Durban, South Africa, in whole (See?), something like that, or Mexico City in whole. Well, they will respond to it eighty percent more than they will in America. (56-0408A)

That's the reason about eighty percent or ninety percent of the converts that comes in a revival is gone before six months is gone, is because they only have an intellectual conception. (56-0614)

Jesus was 80% Like ME!

Eighty percent of His ministry was Divine healing. (50-0822)

Eighty percent of His ministry was on the miraculous side, showing the people that the supernatural God was working in human flesh. (50-0822)

Jesus Christ, about eighty percent of His ministry was on Divine healing. (53-0610)

About ninety--eighty percent of Jesus Christ's meetings were all Divine healing meetings. (54-0228A)

About eighty percent of His ministry was praying for the sick. (55-0220E)

If you'll notice about eighty percent of Jesus' ministry was Divine healing, but Divine healing is like the bait that's on the hook. (55-0604)

Christ used about eighty percent of His ministry on Divine healing to--and drawed His crowds together and showed His--declared His Messiahship and then called them to repentance. (57-0804A)

But we believe that Jesus Christ's ministry, eighty-six percent of it was Divine healing. (59-1220M)

The prayer line was probably passing by Jesus, and He was praying for them and laying hands on them. (As about eighty-six percent of His ministry, you know, was praying for the sick.) (60-0109)

And about eighty-six percent of His ministry was in Divine healing. (61-0205E)

Now, a great percent of our Lord's ministry about eighty percent of it or better, I think it was--it's estimated about eighty percent of His ministry was Divine healing. (61-0215)

And always, Jesus, I believe, in His ministry, about eighty percent of it, was on Divine healing. (62-0704)

Now, Divine healing is not all the Message. Jesus put, I think they claimed, about eighty percent of His ministry was on Divine healing. (63-1112)

Or Was He?

If Jesus talked so much, eighty percent of His time on the second coming, then it behooves us to listen to see what He said would take place. (60-0303)

Who does the healing?

The prayer card is nothing, just simply to get the anointing started among the people, 'cause eighty percent of you here has never been to one of the meetings before. (58-0612)

That does something that a--a person, when they get a prayer card, they're just about, I suppose eighty percent healed right then, as soon as they can hold that card in their hand, just something to touch. (59-0404)

So you know you give a person a prayer card he's eighty percent healed right then. (59-1126)

Unbelieving Protestants

Not only that, but a survey showed that eighty-five percent of the Protestant preachers of the United States claim that the virgin birth was a fake. (52-0900)

I said this last night, I say it again tonight, "That woman knowed more about God, than eighty percent of our American preachers." (58-0510)

I believe it's eighty-something percent of the so-called Christians don't believe in the physical return of Jesus. (61-0414)

Eighty percent of the Protestant churches deny the virgin birth. (64-0119)

As most of our Protestant churches today, I think it's sixty-eight or eighty-six percent of them, in a survey, denied believing. (64-0122)

Body Water Mass

You are eighty-something percent of water and petroleum, anyhow, and you've got to take these sources in, to keep you alive. (65-0919)

Eighty percent of your body's made of water. (56-0715)


You know, I was reading here sometime ago, where it taken eighty percent more muscles to frown than it does to smile. (58-0209A)

They tell me that it takes eighty percent more muscles to frown than it does to laugh. (55-0227A)

Divine Healers vs. Medicine

They opened up the churches to what they called the healers, and about eighty percent more people was healed than medicine ever healed in England. (60-1125)

England they turned "the healers" (they called them) loose to all the hospitals, and there was eighty percent more healing done by Divine healing than medical cures had performed. (61-0117)

Random 80%

It's a disgrace how that all such things as we have and our world in it's condition today is eighty percent of it come right out of Hollywood, and yet that's the example of the world. (53-1130)

Now, how many people in here ever dreamed a dream? Let's see your hands. Well, at least eighty or ninety percent of you. (53-1206E)

Now, perhaps eighty percent or ninety percent of the audience tonight would be Christians. (54-0228E)

But the Pentecostal people, with respect and knowing that probably eighty percent of this crowd is Pentecostal... (56-0614 )

I want to say this just in the way, did you know that eighty-seven percent of all alcoholic beverages comes from Louisville, Kentucky, that's--that's drank in the United States (56-0923)

It's an eighty percent difference, tonight, than what it has been any night. (57-0612)

About eighty percent of the crowd here is wanting to be prayed for. (58-0207)

Or you find one place in the entire Bible where anybody was ever baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the way eighty percent of you has been baptized. (58-0927)

Perhaps, maybe, I would say, eighty percent of those that are setting in this building tonight raised their hands for requests. (59-1217)

He went right to the pens and showed all the juvenile cases that's been across the nation, and eighty percent of them or better come out of the aristocratic neighborhoods: smart, shrewd. (60-1113)

Why, He lived right there in Palestine all of His life nearly, and I'd say eighty percent of the people never knowed He was there. (61-0117)

'Cause the biggest part of our church, I guess, eighty percent of them are you people. (61-0808)

And then, about eighty percent of those that went to church, didn't know why they went. (63-0114)

And I'll certainly be glad, about eighty percent of our congregation around here in Chicago is usually Norwegians or Swedes, and--and they're really lovely people. (63-0804E)

So, last Sunday, as I was going into the Blue Boar Cafeteria in Louisville, where I think about eighty percent of this congregation gathers on Sunday afternoon, to eat, who did I see coming down the street? (63-0825M)

He said, "Did He raise from the dead?" Said, "You've had two thousand years to prove it, and eighty percent of the world has never heard about it." He said, "Let Mohammed raise from the dead, and the whole world will know, it in twenty-four hours." (64-0621)

With the yellow cobra you got about eighty percent to die and about twenty percent to live; a mamba, you have no percent. (64-0830E)