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The First Step In Your Journey Is The Hardest

John Collins11/16/2012 9:49:00 PMThough I'm not on the mailing list, Voice of God Recordings decided to send us a copy of their "Catch The Vision" "Defend the Prophet" edition. I assume they expect a defensive and insulting response, however as a Christian I feel a strong burden to help lead people to the Truth rather than engage in a battle of wits.

I actually respect their including our family in the list of those receiving the publication without any form of donation as is required by most. Most of all I respect their attempt to stand for what they believe in rather than back away silently into a dark corner. A wise songwriter once wrote, "You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything."

Actually, I was a little excited upon receiving it. Having spent the last several months researching the Bible, words of William Branham, ancient history, different translations of scriptures, and ancient cultures, I expected there to be some new information to add to the pieces of the puzzle.

I'd really hoped the pages from Branham's "little book of prophecy" would have been included, listing the 6 (or 7) visions of 1933. Or pictures of the boxes containing the thousands of testimonies of healings that were sent to Branham's headquarters. It would have been nice to have seen any of the thousands of newspaper articles describing the "great commission" as Branham baptized the 50 (or 500, 5000, 10000, etc) on the Ohio river.

Instead, it seems to be the first step of the journey to Christ -- for which I respect them for. A good bit of the publication was debating whether or not the Bible was infallible or contradicted itself, which should be the starting point for every Christian on their journey to Christ. In fact, many of the Christians I have grown to know and love in other churches made that part of the journey during high school, and came to the same conclusions that Voice of God Recordings did.

I agree with this conclusion, and stand behind the Word of God (The Bible) 100%. There is no contradiction in the Word of God, and there is no error. Once the beginner Christian starts to learn the history of the Bible Cannon, translations, and how they were passed down from generation to generation, it is easy to see how God Himself protected His Word throughout the ages. I stand behind them in their journey and commend them for making that first step towards the Goal.

They also listed several good facts in their articles about the visions and "spiritual events" that William Branham claimed to experience. This also is a good, solid step in the journey, and they got most of their facts correct while listing the things they could not prove. Yes they left out some important facts, like Branham's statement that he was going to Houston, TX first during the cloud event, that records are kept for out-of-season hunting passes for that year and none were given, or that Branham combines two events into one later in his sermons, but the facts they included were very close to truthful.

The bridge article was well done, and I found their comparison to the bridges in other states very interesting. I wish they would have mentioned the fact that the Municipal Bridge was constructed using a much safer, state-of-the-art technique that is still used today across the country, or that the same number of men died on a bridge next to it before Branham was born, but I'm sure that there were space requirements for the publication.

They did not mention the prophecy of Los Angeles sinking before Billy Paul was an "old man," the India vision Branham admitted to have failed, the dates for the Church Ages that matched Clarence Larkin's "Dispensational Truth," or Columba who was not alive during his church age. I would have liked to see many of those things, but I guess we will need to wait for the next edition.

The only thing I really took offense with would be the statements about the websites that are now pointing others to Christ instead of elevating a man, but because the publication was done in a respectful way I feel that the same respect should be given to Voice of God Recordings.

All in all, I can honestly say that they made a good attempt at trying to hold as many people as they possibly can before the truth spreads. In business, any good businessman will tell you that you do whatever it takes to keep your customers, and they have done exactly that.

I'm just glad that I'm serving a God who gave us the Truth of His Word, and that the Bible never fails. I'm very glad they are taking the first step of their journey in seeking out the Truth in the Bible, and pray that they continue in their journey into mature, faithful Christians!

Seek the Truth! It's in the Bible!