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Love Makes Us Blameless Before God

John Collins11/03/20121 Thessalonians 3 tells us that love, one for another, makes us blameless before God.

Timothy had brought good news to Paul.  He said that the Thessalonians had great faith and love, and said that they would always remember Paul.  They longed to see Paul again.

Paul said that it gave him great encouragement.  It helped Paul through his many afflictions, just knowing that they were standing fast in the Lord.  Paul said that he prayed night and day that he could return to them and increase their faith even more.

He prayed that God the Father, and the Lord Jesus, would direct the way to the Thessalonians again.  He asked that the Lord make them increase and abound in love, not only for one another, but for all.  Paul asked that God grant this for them, so that He may establish their hearts blameless and in holiness before God the Father, so that they might be blameless at the coming of the Lord Jesus with all His saints.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we have love for all, or have we chosen some other way of holiness without love?  Will we be blameless before Christ when He returns?