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Trusting In Oppression

John Collins10/25/2012

Isaiah 30 tells the story of how Israel turned away from God to trust in oppression.  God was angered, but God was faithful to Israel.

Israel had made an alliance with Egypt.  They had made plans without consulting God, and God was not supportive of this union.  Egypt had great power, and the children of Israel made the alliance to have the protection of the mighty Egyptians.  

God spoke to Isaiah and told him to write the Word from the Lord into a book, so that it could be a witness forever.  God also instructed Isaiah to write His Word on a tablet and bring it before the children of Israel.

God said they were "lying children."  They were unwilling to hear the instruction of the Lord.  The children of Israel told their seers "Do not see," and their prophets, "Do not prophesy what is right."  They wanted to hear things that were easy to hear instead of the Truth.  They did not want to hear anything more about Yahweh.

God said they trusted in oppression and perverseness.  They relied on them.  Because of this, their iniquity would be like a breach in a high wall -- bulging out until the wall was near collapse.  When it fell, it would be like the ruthless smashing of a potter's vessel.

God had already told them that if they returned to Him, they would find rest and be saved.  In quietness and in trust in Him they would find His strength.  Instead, the children of Israel were unwilling.  

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Are we willing to return to God?  Are we willing to submit ourselves in quietness and trust in Him?  Are we willing to give up the idols in our lives, the things that we put before God?  Are we oppressed, or are we resting in Christ?