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Those Seven Angels That Met Me In The Room

John Collins10/20/2012 7:10:00 AMWe are all aware of the "seven angels" that WMB claimed to have met him in Arizona to give him the "mystery" of the Seven Seals (while he was in Houston, TX).

It's also been discussed that before WMB saw the photograph of the "mystery cloud", the story was that those angels met him one-by-one in the "little room" in the Tabernacle to open each seal before the sermon was preached.

...then he commences to preach Clarence Larkin's "Dispensational Truth" to the congregation claiming the "mystery" Larkin reveals as his own.

Here are some handy quotes describing how those "angels" met him in the "little room" before his story changed:

I don't know what the Second Seal is no more than nothing, but I'd got some old contexts of something that I'd spoke on several years ago and wrote it down, and I'd gathered this context--context... And Dr. Smith, many great outstanding teachers that I--I'd gathered, and all of them believed that, so I'd wrote it down. And I was fixing to say, "Well, now I'll study it from that standpoint." And there about twelve o'clock in the day the Holy Spirit just swept right down into the room, and the whole thing just opened up to me, and there it was...?... of this--of this First Seal being opened.

Now, I want to give thanks to Him Who's omnipresent, and that today, not knowing one thing about that Fifth Seal, it came in that same mysterious way this morning, just about a hour before daybreak that when I was out in prayer. And today... I have just set these last five or six days just in a little room, don't see no one, just go out and eat my meal with a--with a friend, with some of my friends here.

Oh, see... Them--them revelations in the presence of that Ball of Fire hanging there in the room, till... Oh, brother. Although I've seen It since a child, it... every time It comes near me, It alarms me. He almost puts me in an unconscious condition. You never get used to It. You can't: It's too sacred.

And now, I know it's warm in here tonight, and--and it's... (No, I guess the heat's altogether shut off.) and--and we're... I noticed last night, or today this is my seventh day in a room without light (just electric light. See?) studying and praying for God to open these Seals.

Now, just look here. You see how perfect everywhere you go. If I could stand here and talk the things that's revealed in that room, I tell you, it'd swing your heads around; but how you going to do it when you got a whole thing here.

276 You see how the Holy Spirit watches that? 'Cause exactly, that's the same thing I said the other night, when He had talked to me in the room, and I come down here and preached to you all: that when the Lamb left the place (Oh, my. Now, I believe we'll just take a text. See?)--the Lamb had left His seat and come forth (See?), as I got up there when He was present, that Light, which is Christ... When He was present, told... When the Lamb leaves that seat of the throne, to--being a Mediator, He becomes down here, and the day of redemption for the church is finished.

I have tried to stay in a--in a roomwith the shades pulled down, a light on (This is the eighth day.) and not even got in my car to--to go anywhere.
I had to go with some brothers down to the bank to sign some notes and things on money and stuff that's been borrowed for this church, but I--a--but I come right straight back and went right to study. And the strange thing, there hasn't been one person said anything or... Usually they're knocking and pulling and around. There hasn't been one thing. It's been very phenomenal.

And you'll find out that in that room, the revelation coming from God (just like all the rest of them has), that them...

The interpretation come just as I had need of it; that was in the room. And I gave it out just as He give it.
Now, you see, friends, visions doesn't fail; they're always perfect; they're just exactly true.