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The Sixty-Seven Sins of the New Testament

John Collins10/13/2012Some teach that the Mosaic Law is still in effect for the church.  Obviously, to make this work, these teachers must overlook portions like "stoning your children when they disobey" or "washing your hands in a brass basin before entering the temple." 

As best as possible for this modern day, these teachers try to follow the law to the letter -- for the portions that they feel are necessary for salvation.  In order to do so, the examples that Jesus give in the Sermon on the Mount become additional law, added to the Mosaic law.  The problem is that the reason Christ died on the cross is overlooked by placing our salvation in the works of our own hands.

In Romans 8, Paul called the Mosaic Law the "Law of Sin and Death."  Then he proceeds to give more examples of how our sinful lives required a Savior to rescue us.  Christ said that the greatest commandment was to "Love God with all your heart heart", and the next greatest was to "Love your neighbor as yourself."  Then Jesus proceeds to also show how many ways we break these Ten Commandments.  Jesus said that to show anger and hatred towards a neighbor was to break the commandment of murder.

For some, this question will be difficult.  Some cannot name the Ten Commandments.  For others who feel they have earned their righteousness through their "holy living", this question will be impossible.  For some starting their journey with Christ, they will have their hearts fall in shame that we are so sinful and in peace because Christ paid it all.

Here's the question:  The New Testament lists over sixty sins that were not described in the "letter of the law" within the Mosaic Law.  Each were contained within the law, because to violate each and every one of these sins, we are in violation of the Ten Commandments.  Several of these sins have been violated in the mail sent to us in response to this website!  How many of these sixty-plus sins can you list, and how many of them have you violated over the past seven days?

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