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Liberty Is Not Liberty When Bound By Another's Conscience

John Collins10/07/2012

In 1 Corinthians 10, Paul gives some very good wisdom:  "Why should my liberty be determined by someone else's conscience?"

To remain free, these are words that everyone should live by.  Many times our freedom is revoked by those with a legalistic, works-righteous conscience, and by the rules of their conscience we ourselves become judged.

Paul makes it very simple:  "All things are lawful."  Not some things, ALL things!  We find churches today that have made rules for their rules, otherwise they would have nothing else to preach about.  Face it, Salvation's Plan is simple according to Paul!  Brothers and sisters, have faith in Jesus Christ!

Paul says that if we are asked to partake in something that is against another person's conscience, and it offends them, then of course we should not offend anyone.  But, however, Paul said it was for their conscience, not ours.

Paul had a very clear concept of the Grace of Jesus Christ.  All things are lawful.  We are free.  But not all things are helpful.  We should do everything possible to lead another soul into the Glory and Grace of Jesus Christ.

And in all things, give glory unto God!

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Have we remained free in the Grace of Jesus Christ?  Do we forbid ourselves of certain clothing, activities, entertainment, giving into the same asceticism that Paul preached against?  Have we even accepted the freedom that Christ died on the cross to give us?

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