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Avoid Cleverly Devised Stories

John Collins10/04/2012

2 Peter 1 tells us to avoid cleverly devised stories.  Stories that are not from scripture will heighten our emotions and lead us astray.

Peter felt it important enough to remind the people of this, though he felt they were already firmly established in the Truth.  He said that as long as his spirit was in his body, he would refresh their memory over and over again so that they were not led by ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing.

He also knew that his life on the earth was short, Jesus Christ had let him know that he would be put to death.  He said that he would make every effort possible to help them remember to avoid these cleverly devised stories so that after his departure, they would hold fast to it.

Peter said that they did not have to follow cleverly devised stories when they were told about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in power.  They were eyewitnesses of His majesty.  Christ received His honor and glory from God the Father when the voice spoke from that Majestic Glory!  As the Father spoke "This is my beloved son," they were there to witness it.  There is absolutely no question whether or not a cleverly devised story was invented for Christ, they were there to hear and see.

As Christians, we should be very careful when listening to a speaker.  Many man, carried by their own lusts, invent cleverly devised stories that would lead God's children astray.  They claim evidence that does not exist or weave threads of truth into an otherwise fabricated story.  Peter said it would be so.

We should ask ourselves:  Have we been led astray by cleverly devised stories?  Have fabricated stories that appeal to our emotions take place of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  How many reading this even knew that Peter said it -- when you can remember stories in the life of a pastor or evangelist?  Is our focus on the things of this world, or Word of God?