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Setting Your Minds At Ease

John Collins10/3/2012 8:27:00 AMTo All:

I've been receiving phone calls and emails asking why I have not spoken publicly about what was said in the conversations when Jeff Jenkins and George Smith [separately] contacted me to discuss their "new revelation" of how the angels of God missed the date in Tucson, arriving several days early while WMB was in Houston, TX.

I admit I was a little confused until I watched the series Bro. Jenkins preached about me, and more confused that he had spoken to me -- because I was unaware. If having your office assistant call to ask, "Is this John Collins" and hang up is equal to Bro Jenkins speaking to me ... then yes Bro. Jenkins must have spoken to me, but I did not consider it as such.

I was more confused that the angels of God would actually miss a date -- when they live in a world outside of time and space -- but that is another topic for another forum thread.

Quite frankly, I am not seeking to contact these brothers -- no matter the new revelations they seem to have produced. A cloud of smoke does not make light of several failed prophecies, and I can't imagine a phone conversation with those men inventing new myths to have any value or consequence.

At this point I would be hesitant to speak to them without recording and witness -- this seems to have produced a bit of discredit to the questions I am raising. I would never want any more fabricated stories to be made public while the humble are seeking Christ.

Therefore, set your minds at ease. Anything submitted to me in writing will be posted. Anything recorded will be transcribed and posted so that we can decide as a group whether these men are truly men of God.

Were they to have contacted me and completely proven me wrong on all accounts, I would publicly apologize to you in not only this forum, but every other forum or website I have been in contact with.

Truth will stand, and I will be part of the Truth no matter which side of the fence it falls.