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I Was Just Like You, Remember?

John Collins10/03/2012

In Acts 22, Paul reminds those against him that at one time Paul was one of them.  Not only did he describe his stance against the Christians, he did so in their native Hebrew tongue.

When Paul spoke using the language they were familiar with, the crowd quickly became silent.  They listened intently to what Paul had to say.

Paul told them that he himself was a Jew, born in Tarsus.  He was raised in their city, educated at the feet of Gamaliel.  Paul was taught the strict law of their fathers, just as zealous for God as each and every one of them listening.

Paul said that he himself persecuted Christians unto death.  He bound and imprisoned them, both men and women.  The high priest and the entire council of elders would testify this to be the truth.  

From those elders, Paul received letters of instruction to take the Christians from Damascus.  He was to take the Christians from Damascus to Jerusalem to be punished for their leaving the Law and serving Christ.

While drawing near to Damascus, Paul was suddenly stopped by a light in the wilderness.  He immediately fell to the ground, and heard a voice saying "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?"  Paul answered by asking who spoke.

By persecuting the Christians, Jesus said that Paul was persecuting Christ.

Seek Ye The Truth has seen no light that struck us with blindness.  We have heard no voice, and claim no visions, revelations, or supernatural events of any kind.  

Brothers and sisters, we were one of you.  We spread what we thought was the gospel, the "good news that William Branham had came" to this earth.  

We were not taught by Gamaliel, but we were taught under Willard Collins, current pastor of the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville.  We know all of the supernatural events that surrounded this ministry.  We know that thousands were healed in the healing campaigns and the ministry that followed.  We know that many souls were led to Christ.

Where Jesus struck Paul with a light, he struck us with an unstoppable desire to read the Word of God.  Every breath we breathe, every move we make, every day we live is because that Word gives us new life!  That Word tells us the real Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Good News that Jesus Christ came!  He lived among us with a perfect life!  He suffered and died on the cross for us, giving us healing and salvation!  He was buried and rose from the grave, conquering death and hell for us!  He has risen so that we can rise with Him!  This, brothers and sisters, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Just as Paul stood for the Gospel over the Law, we take our stand.  Not a single person has gained salvation by wearing clothes according to the law given by William Branham.  Living a modest life has not told others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Telling others that we have revelations of hidden knowledge of mysteries in the scriptures does not save a lost soul!

We were one of you!  We did not do this out of anger or retaliation as we have been accused.  We had no hidden motives of fame or fortune as we have been accused.  We have not turned towards a homosexual lifestyle, drugs or alcohol, wild music or other things of this world as we have been accused!  We started Seek Ye The Truth because we love the Lord Jesus Christ with our entire heart, mind, body, and soul!  We want to help save the lost, and our preachers were not preaching about Jesus Christ!  They were preaching salvation through a Law and through a man!  They preached things contrary to God's Word, the bread of LIFE!  

We repent for every single lost soul that we tried to help by telling of a prophet.  How many dying souls could have been led to Christ by telling them of ... Christ!  We've sinned!  We were lost!  Our souls were bound for hell!  

As Paul pleaded his case before the people that once were his brothers, we plead our case before you.  We are your brother, a fellow Christian, a fellow believer who has found God's Word!

Join us in our journey, find Christ in our lives.  We are not asking to leave your churches, change your lifestyles, or even deny what you've been taught.  Seek the Truth of Christ!  You will find it in your Bibles!