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Delivering The Deceived From "Thus Saith The Lord"

John Collins09/29/2012

In Ezekiel 13, God spoke through Ezekiel against the prophets who said "Thus Saith The Lord" when God had not spoken through them.  God said He would deliver His people out from under their hand.

God said that those prophets follow after their own spirit, not of God.  They were like jackals among the ruins.  They have not entered into the city of God, and had not built a wall that can stand in the time of battle.

These men had seen false visions and lying divinations.  They use the phrase "Thus Saith The Lord," when God has not given them any message.  Yet, they expect God to fulfill their word!  God asked the people, have you not seen the false vision?  Have you not seen the lying divination?  

Because of not only their lies, but putting words in God's mouth that were not there, God said that He was against them.  His Hand will be against prophets who see false visions, and those who give lying divinations.  They will not be included in the Body of His people.

These false prophets have misled the people.  They gave false prophecy, and built their own wall that God would strike down.  God said that he would spend his wrath upon not only the wall they had built, but the people that helped, and the prophets with their false prophecy.

God did not limit His wrath to just the men.  Women were included in God's message through Ezekiel.  Any person, man or woman, that utters prophecy that was not from God would be punished.  These false prophets were killing souls that should not die.  They were keeping souls alive that should not live.  They were lying to the people, and the people were listening to their lies.

God's anger was full.  He said that he was against their magic.  He would tear their magic away from them.  He was against their veils that hid their eyes mysticism, and would rip them away.  God said that they would seek after visions, and they would not come.  He would remove even their false visions and divination.

God would deliver the deceived from the prophets who falsely cried "Thus Saith The Lord."  They would become free like birds!  And you shall know that I am God, saith the Lord!

As Christians we should ask ourselves:  Have we followed a false prophet?  When we see one vision fail, do we rely on the next one?  When we hear the words "Thus Saith The Lord" and it does not match the Word, or does not match what happened, or is simply rambling of idle words, do we not have a bad taste in our mouths?  Have we been following after God or after magic of a false prophet?