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The New World Order

John Collins9/26/2012 8:17:00 AMThe most fundamental belief to the Masonic teaching is the New World Order. It is the belief that the 'world order' we have today will be replaced with a 'new world order,' and those who have earned their right to be part of it will ascend to a higher plane.

This teaching has spun off several cultish conspiracy theory followings, since their pathway to this new world is covered in mystery. Any time a group of people claims to have knowledge of a deep mystery that will one day give them power over another, both the group claiming and the group wanting isolate themselves with pure hatred. But the mistake of the conspiracy theorists is that it is an earthly 'world order' instead of a spiritual one.

Ancient Babylon brought much of its mysterious worship directly from Egypt. The ancient gods they worshipped are very similar in structure to the ancient gods of Egypt, and most are identified in the Zodiac. The stars, to the ancient mystery Babylon, were the gods.

Egypt had something the Babylons did not have, however. Egypt has three great monuments representing the stars in Orion's belt. Aligned perfectly to the stars in Orion, the three pyramids in Egypt are an earthly representation of the stars in the heavens.

Before the pyramids were constructed, Baal worship of the stars was simply done by observing them. To the Baal worshipper, the 'Zodiac' was their bible. Once the pyramids were constructed, they acted as a second bible.
God is from above. He's writing the zodiac in the sky. Zodiac starts with the Virgin, the first coming of Christ, ends up with the Leo, the Lion, the second coming. And He's writing His first Bible. There's three of them.
One of them was written in the skies, one in the pyramids, one on this. Everything in God is in a trinity, like a man's in a trinity. All right.
Then after He got all that written, the stars and the planets off that sun. Then I can see a big ball of ice laying yonder somewhere, this earth. And He brood over the earth, moved it over around the sun, dried it off. And He begin His creation on the earth.

Eyptians worshipped the sun god, Ra. Ra was primarily identified with the midday sun, when it was at its hottest. During this time, the pyramids point directly to the sun god, and become beacons toward their false god.

Because of this, it is believed that the capstones were an object of worship. The capstone was basically the 'eye' that pointed to Ra. Coincidentally, the 'Eye of Ra' is the female counterpart to the sun god Ra. Its symbols are found in ancient Egyptian worship as well as mystery Babylon.
Masons also believe this is an object of worship, and include it in not only their belief structure, but place it in symbols that are hidden in plain sight. Even the masonic symbol of a compass and ruler are laid out in such a way that resembles a pyramid with a 'G' as a character symbolizing the 'eye.'
Masons tie the 'New World Order' teaching to scripture by only partially interpreting the Greek word 'kosmos.' Kosmos does mean 'world order,' but it means much, much more than that. Kosmos is not just the order and harmony of the world we live in, it is the harmony of every single world in the entire universe! Like a huge clock, each inner working of the stars and planets are in perfect harmony with each other, perfectly in order, forming the Kosmos.

Masons teach that this verse refers to an 'earthly order,' and specifically those who are not chosen.
"A little while and the world will see Me no more." That meant the world order, the unbelievers. "The unbelievers will see Me no more. Yet you shall see Me (ye,) for I will be with you, even in you, to the end of the world."

Masons contend that this world order, the unbelievers, will be replaced with a new world order. Though scripturally this is very close to truth, it is subtly different. This belief separates the 'elect' from the 'unworthy,' making the cross of Jesus Christ of non effect. Most cults that rise and separate themselves follow this same belief system.

When teaching historically, Masons identify each 'world order' to the cleansing of the old and the replacing with the new. Scripturally, this is very close, because in the first destruction of the world by water, there was only a very small group of people saved. Reading the description of the second coming in the New Testament, however, we do not find a small group unless taken out of context. "The harvest is plenty and the workers are few."

Where Masons deviate quickly from the Bible is the placement of dates to their events. The "No man knows the hour" scripture is omitted, and Masons try to calculate the end time according to numerologies derived from their Kabbalistic teachings.
But look, let's take historically speaking. The first two thousand years, the world order come to a climax, and God destroyed the world with water. You know that? Then it come forth as a new world. And the second two thousand years, it came to its end again and God sent Jesus. Is that right? This is the end of the next two thousand years, 1954. And the Gospel, Jesus said, "The work would be cut short." For what? "The elect's sake, or no flesh would be saved," it would so wicked. So we're at the end time. And then the seventh, in type, is the Millennium, a thousand years.

When one date is missed, as shown above, then another date is implemented. Numerologies target the next sequence of dates.

The strongest masonic teaching we find in the 'message' of William Branham is the 'Future Home of the Heavenly Bridegroom and the Earthly Bride'. During this sermon, not only did William Branham teach the entire New World Order doctrine from start to finish, he drew it on a blackboard.

The mystery Babylon 'all seeing eye' found on the dollar bill becomes Branham's god.

I don't have my pocketbook with me. But if you'll notice in your pocketbook, if you have a one-dollar bill, they have the seal of the United States; a eagle on one end, a-holding the spears, the coat of arms, as it were; and on the other end, it's got the pyramid, with a all-seeing eye on top of it. See, they didn't know what they were doing. And on there it's wrote in Latin, and you'll find out it says it, this is "the great seal." They didn't know what they were doing. Neither did Caiaphas know he was prophesying.
411 [Brother Branham illustrates at the blackboard--Ed.] There is the Great Seal. Here it is, see, the City. It's not just a flat cube like this, see, but it leans up so it can be seen. And upon this holy Mountain of the Lord, the Lord shall descend upon top of His Mountain; here He is. That's the reason the capstone wasn't put on by Enoch. See? That's the reason the Capstone has to come now. And the Mountain will be pushed up, and it'll be the Mount of the Lord.

As he draws the pyramid on the blackboard, he specifically uses the period of time that the structure pointed to the sun god, Ra. The Great Pyramid of Giza DOES cast a shadow, but not at the time that it becomes the Eye of Ra. During midday as it points to the sun God, the pyramid casts no shadow. In the same breath, Branham claims that the Eye of Ra is Jesus Christ!
On this Throne, look, so high! The New City; with the foundations; twelve gates; Jesus, the Headstone; the apostles, judging; the twelve tribes.
The pyramid of Enoch casts no shadow no time of the day. I've been in Egypt, at the pyramids. It's so geographically fixed, and in the dimensions of this great geometrical figure; that, no matter where the sun is, there is never a shadow around the pyramid. See how it is?
And there'll never be no night there. Him on top of the Mountain, floods it with His glory. His Glory Light will be there all the time. There'll be no night there. Jesus, the Headstone!

Masons, by name, symbols, and teachings, are architects. They teach that to become part of this 'New World Order', one must earn their ticket by the work of their hands. They are all architects, and the Eye of Ra is the 'divine architect.'
Jesus gone to prepare, with the Divine hands, a Divine City; Divine Architect, for a Divine-boughten people, for a predestinated people. He has gone to prepare.
Abraham was looking for it. "And he professed that he was a pilgrim and a stranger, for he looked for a City Whose builder and maker was God." That prophet, knowing it was somewhere! John saw it coming down, but Abraham thought it must be on earth right then. Why? He met Melchisedec, the King of it, and give Him a tithe. "Which had no father, or no mother. He had no beginning of life or no ending of life." Abraham met Him, and they took communion right on the literal spot where the City will be raised up, the holy Mountain of the Lord, where the Redeemed will live. Oh, my!
That time just don't stop. No, we're in time; after a while we'll go to Eternity.

Masons also teach that their group -- and only the more advanced in their group -- are able to earn a place in the New World Order.
Oh, holy Mountain! There will be streets of transparent gold, avenues; and houses, and parks. If you want to read this, Revelation 21:18. The Tree of Life will be there; twelve different manners of fruit, one each month, will be bore on it. The people that eat these fruits, they'll change their diet every, every month.
And it's--it's from... for only the overcomers. Do you know that? It isn't for the denominations.
You say, "You mean that, Brother Branham?"
Let's turn to Revelations 2, just a minute, and find it. Revelations 2:7. Let's find out now whether it's really the Truth or not. Revelations 2:7 reads like this.
And he that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit...
Now, remember, He is not talking to the Jews now. This is the Church, the Gentile.
He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches; To him that overcometh, I will give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

"Overcomers only, that overcome the beast, overcome his mark," that's Catholicism, Protestantism, denominationalism, "who overcome the beast, his mark, the letter of his name." "He'll have a right to the Tree of Life, to enter into the gates where nothing that defiles can ever go in." See? Think of it. Now, just a minute now, as we go just a little bit farther. Tree of Life will be for the overcomers only.


In 1998, Choosing Truth Ministries compiled a full and complete Christian awareness publication in a determined attempt to teach Christians about the New World Order. If you have been taught under the message of William Marrion Branham, this is a very important read: