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Kaballah and Name Numerology

John Collins9/25/2012 9:18:00 PM
Everything in this world consists of energy which is the source of life and power. Every individual possesses a certain amount of energy as well. Even people's names have their own energy which in some ways determines their future and influences their present life. Kabbalah numerology is a whole study that is mostly associated with names, rather than numbers. It has a lot in common with kabalistic mysticism and it originated from the Hebrew alphabet. ... ology.html

Name numerology is mysticism and not scriptural. Though the content below started in a thread related to Wicca, we decided to move it to it's own thread because it can be said that it is also part of Buddhism, Hinduism, and several other religions.

WMB specifically chose to target the names 'Elvis' and 'Ricky' as names we should never use for our children, but the truth of the matter is that many, many people share the same signs for their names.

The numerologies that WMB used in his ministry were all 'basic' numbers, numbers used in numerology calculators that translate to the numbers 0-9. With only nine choices, many names also match the number of Elvis (which is 9). "Johnny", for instance, is the same as "Elvis." Try your name here:

Elvis Presley's name just happened to calculate to a '9', which is symbolic to the 'cat.' Cats, as we know, are superstitious in many aspects, but especially in Wicca.

Cats perceive things beyond the physical world.
Anyone who's had a cat has seen evidence of this. Watch a cat on Hallowe'en night, or in the house of someone who's recently passed. They are obviously seeing things that we don't see.

Another example is cats' sensitivity to energy. Cats are irresistibly drawn to ritual and sacred space. This is not always a good thing . . . If a Witch's cat is peeved, it's not unusual for it to express its feelings all over her altar or ritual items.

On the plus side, this sensitivity makes the cat a wonderful companion in working magick. Cats can protect a working Witch, and act as a messenger in the spirit realm or energetic level.

This is why cats are common Witches' Familiars.

Black cats are just double the witchiness! A black cat is one of the most common Wicca symbols, to outsiders.

See also Evil Eye.

WMB was very afraid of cats. Odd that a child of God would fear superstitious feelings, however WMB was afraid of them.

You people can have them if you want them, now, see, but I'm scared of a cat. And so I--I just don't like that superstitious feeling you get around them. And so we don't have them around house, and--and I believe the cat can realize that I'm afraid of him. So, my father was afraid of cats. So, then, my little girls knowed not to have any cats around there.

I seen a--a little... pretty, little ol' kitten, and he was laying on a silk pillow, and he was the cutest little fellow. And I walked over there (and I'm afraid of a cat),

Excuse this, sisters; I don't like a cat. I just can't stand them

WMB often referred to Elvis as meaning "cat". This came directly from numerology of Wicca, using basic interpretations of the number '9'. Wiccans, like masons, place great value on numbers, and cats as we know have 9 lives.

The "cat's nine lives" myth comes from ancient egypt, but was carried forward in Wicca. The number 9 is deeply associated with cats.
The three great symbols of Bast-Wicca are the nine-pointed star (representing, among other things, the ninefold rebirth cycle of a cat's spirt), the Key of the Nile (also known as the ankh, the ancient Egyptian symbol of life), and the sun, which symbolizes the Bast's original role as a solar deity.
-- Exploring Spellcraft: How to Create and Cast Effective Spells

WMB claims to have got this meaning of names from 'numerology':
I... Excuse that, see, I--I didn't mean that, see, but I sometimes I get over-enthused, I guess. But I mean... Ricky is all right. I just don't like the name, that's right. But you look that up in numerology, you'd re-name your child. Yes, sir. Now, Ricky or Elvis, or something like that, oh, mercy! So, oh, anyhow, now, you see they have to. They didn't have those names gone by, it has to come. This is the age for it to be here. Sure. Exactly right.

Of course, this is not Christian theology. WMB must have been confronted about this, because he does a 180 -- and claims he is NOT using numerology. He claims instead of what he first mentioned that he has TSTL:
Now, we find out that they set the pace. And did you ever notice, our young boys has become "Ricky" and "Elvis." You got a child named that, change it right quick, call him number "one" or "two," or something. Don't, that's a horrible... You say, "What difference does the name mean?" Why, sure, it means something. Your name characterizes your life. "Now, Brother Branham, you're on numerology." No, I'm not! I'm on THUS SAITH THE LORD!

He then blends the two:
That expression. If you only--only knew the numerology of the Bible, and know what Elvis or--or Ricky means, to the Scripture! Uh-huh. Just like, why did Jesus... You say, "There is nothing to that, your name." There isn't? That name could only come in this last days, for this last-days people.