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Bless The Name Of The Lord

John Collins09/23/2012

Like David in Psalm 135, let us bless the Name of the Lord, Praising the One True God above all.

Everyone give praise!  Those that are servants for the Lord, doing His work, praise the name of God!  Those who stand faithful in the house of the Lord, praise God!  Those who have the gift of song, praise God!  Everyone lift His Holy Name in praise!

We serve a God who chose Jacob as the father of Israel for His own.  He is God above all other gods of this earth.  God does whatever He sees fit for us, as it pleases Him to do.  God makes the clouds form at the ends of the earth, and brings terrible lightening for the rain.  Even the winds are in His control!

God fights our battles for us, there is nothing to fear.  He struck down the firstborn of Egypt, both man and beast.  He sent great signs and wonders to pronounce judgement against Pharaoh and his army.  He battled  for Israel against many nations, leaving the promised land free for the taking!

The Name of the Lord endures forever, throughout eternity.  This mighty God that we serve will not only show his wonderful power in our lives, but will also show his compassion for those who serve Him!

The world has turned to idolatry.  Their new idols are the things made with human hands.  They look and feel tremendous, but yet will one day lie in ruin with the people that do not worship our God.

Everyone bless the Lord!  Bless the God that loves his people in every land and every nation.  Praise Him for sending His Son, Christ Jesus!  Praise Him for sending His Holy Spirit in our lives!  Praise Him for giving us the power to lead others to His Holy Spirit!  Praise ye the Lord!