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Removal of Mold

John Collins09/22/2012

Many people mistakenly think the Bible is only a book of spiritual food and rules, but it is simply not true.  Leviticus 14 shows us that the Bible is a much, much more diverse book of instruction.  God gave His children instructions even for removal of the mold in their houses.

God told Moses and Aaron that if they found mold in their houses, the children of Israel were to speak to the priest for its removal.  To ensure the mold did not spread to the other belongings during this process, all items in the house were to be emptied.

When the priest examines the disease, he looks to see what type of mold is growing: red mold or green mold.  If the mold seems to be deeper than just the surface, the priest is to board up the house for seven days to let the mold dry out.

On the seventh day, if the priest finds that the mold is still spreading, then the stones or blocks affected are to be removed and placed in the garbage dump outside of the city.  The rest of the house is to be scraped, removing all mold.  Any plaster that is removed by scraping is to also be removed and placed in the garbage dump.  The stones are to be replaced with new stones, free from mold.

After the house has been scraped and cleaned, if the mold breaks out again, then the house is deemed unclean.  The entire house, including all stones, timber, and plaster is to be removed and placed in the garbage dump. 

Anyone who enters the house while the mold is drying out is to be considered unclean until the evening.  All clothes must be washed, and those who sleep in his house must also wash their clothes.

On the other hand, if the scraping and removal of mold causes the spreading to stop, the priest will pronounce the house to be free from mold.  At this point, he is to apply a cleaning solution to the house seven times.  Every trace of the mold must be removed.

As Christians, we should have knowledge of the spiritual things.  But we should also have knowledge of the earthly things that are required in life.  We should never be so spiritually minded that we are no earthly good, in the same way we should never be so earthly minded that we are no spiritually good.  The Bible is our example!