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Preparing For Battle

John Collins09/21/2012

Ephesians 6 tells us how we should prepare for battle as we start each day.

We are to put on the full armor of God, not just a portion of it.  Learn everything we can learn about God's Word, so that we can be strong in His strength and His might.  

We are not fighting against flesh and blood, mortal men who Jesus gave His life to save.  We are fighting against the forces of evil, the powers of darkness.  Our battle is against the spiritual forces of Satan that influences men to stray from or deny God's Word.

Paul says that we must take the whole armor of Go so that we can withstand this evil.  We have to stand firm in God's word.  

Like a soldier preparing himself for battle against men, we should prepare ourselves for battle against the forces of evil.  Fasten ourselves to God's belt of Truth, and put on God's breastplate of righteousness.  Our shoes should be the Gospel, which is a gospel of peace.  In every circumstance, our shield is a shield of faith, which will protect us from every flaming dart or arrow that comes from the evil one.  Our helmet should be the helmet of salvation, and our sword one of the Holy Spirit.  This sword, Paul said, is the Word of God.

Like a soldier receiving instruction from the commander in chief, we should pray at all times.  Pray in the Spirit, asking God for his mercy and strength.  Pray for not only ourselves, but for all of the saints.  

Paul asked the people to also pray for him, that the words coming from his mouth should boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He considered himself to be an ambassador in chains, a prisoner in Christ.  He asked that they pray that he can boldly declare the Truth of the Gospel, which is what he ought to be speaking.

We also pray the same.  As you pray each day, remember us in your prayers of faith that we may also boldly proclaim God's Word to those who need it most in their battle against the enemy.  Ask God that we may say exactly what is needed for those battling the enemy just at the time that they need it.  Pray that through us, others may gain strength in the Lord, and that God's army may press on to victory!